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Géneros Mutantes (Mutant Genres) returns to FICX as a new transversal label


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gen mutantes
Gijón International Film Festival recovers the essence of this unique section with a selection of eleven films from other different sections: Official Section, Rellumes, Esbilla, Llendes and Crossroads – Zinemaldia
One of the main goals of FICX 56 edition is achieving transversality by breaking barriers within the programme, and thus bringing audiences with different interests together and making films known by a broad spectrum of the public and the media. FICX recovers Mutant Genres as a transversal label that pays homage to genre films in their broadest sense (fantasy genre, film noir, horror, science-fiction, western...).

Going through FICX main sections we can find the eleven films that have been selected as part of Mutant Genres:

Les Confins du Monde (‘To The Ends Of The World’) (Guillaume Nicloux, 2018). Official Section. This tough war story takes place in Indochina. Revenge is the main character’s motivation, played by the amazing Gaspard Ulliel, who performs another great role after wining his second Cesar for Juste la fin du monde in 2017. Beside him, Gérard Depardieu embodies an enigmatic writer.
Spanish premiere

Relaxer (Joel Potrykus, 2018). Rellumes International Section. The irreverent filmmaker Joel Potrykus takes us to the countdown to the 2000’s. There, he turns a gamer into a modern Sisyphus, the main character of a claustrophobic and surreal fable where Franz Kafka’s and Edgar Allan Poe’s imageries are mixed. A hilarious and captivating story, with a nerd point, in which the cult filmmaker surprises the audience again, the same way he did with ‘Ape’ (2012), ‘Buzzard’ (2014) and ‘The Alchemist Cookbook’ (2016).
Spanish premiere

Winter Flies (Olmo Omerzu, 2018). Rellumes International Section. Reminiscences of the 80s in the third feature film by the Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu, for which he was awarded best director at Karlovy Vary. Two teens, a plotter of rebellious hooliganism and sexual exploits and a naïve twelve-year-old boy, embark on a road trip in a shabby Audi and end up picking up a pretty hitchhiker.
Spanish premiere

The Dead and the Others (João Salaviza, Renée Nader Messora, 2018). Esbilla. Awarded Special Jury Prize at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard. This film takes us on a sensory journey between the mystical and the anthropological deep inside the Amazonian Jungle in order to learn more about the shamanism and magic rituals in Brazil.
Spanish premiere

Land (Babak Jalali, 2018). Esbilla. In this post-western film about Native Americans, the Iranian director depicts the life of the indigenous community in the United States. Alcohol abuse and continued mistreatment by white men and the system are some of the issues that this community deals with everyday. Jalali competed in FICX’s Official Section in 2009 with ‘Frontier Blues’ and conquered Rotterdam with ‘Radio Dreams’ in 2016.
Spanish premiere in collaboration with Sociedad Cultural Gijonesa.

High Life (Claire Denis, 2018). Crossroads – Zinemaldia. With this film, the renowned French director gets fully into the genre of science fiction. A space odyssey that shows a pessimistic and cruel future, closer than it seems, starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. ‘High Life’ won San Sebastian’s Fipresci Award, given by the International Federation of Film Critics.

Under the Silver Lake (David Robert Mitchell, 2018). Special screening in collaboration with Sitges Film Festival. Mitchell presented his latest work in Cannes and received a special mention by the critics in Sitges. After meeting an attractive young woman, the protagonist of this crazy police comedy film explores Los Angeles trying to find her. This is a new opportunity to enjoy the cinema of the director of ‘It Follows’, screened at FICX 52 edition.

El Ángel (Luis Ortega, 2018). Special screening. Starring Chino Darín and Lorenzo Ferro, ‘El Ángel’ was presented with great success at Cannes Film Festival. This film is based on Carlos Robledo’s real story, a seventeen-year-old Argentinean boy who was very clear about his true vocation: being a criminal. His blond curls, eternal baby-face and tendency to crime earned him the nickname “Angel of Death”. Film noir backed by El Deseo Film Production Company.

Tiempo después (José Luis Cuerda, 2018). Special screening. Based on the homonymous book by José Luis Cuerda, ‘Tiempo después’ is a futuristic dystopia made in Spain. This comedy shows a devastated world in which one single building stands. Cuerda —who will be in Gijón to present the film— returns to the surreal comedy of the acclaimed ‘Amanece que no es poco’.

Ana de día (Andrea Jaurrieta, 2018). Special screening. Jaurrieta's debut was premiered at Raindance and within the Official Section of Malaga Film Festival. The young director —who is also a screenwriter and a producer— spent eight years developing this film, which portrays the feminine personality with fantastic touches. It pays homage to Belle de jour, starring “a duplicate” Ingrid García Jonsson. ‘Ana de día’ received a mention at Toulouse Cinespaña and was awarded best film and best actress at Alexandria Film Festival.

In Fabric (Peter Strickland, 2018). Crossroads – Zinemaldia. In his new film after the exceptional ‘The Duke of Burgundy’, Strickland embraces the 70s aesthetic for his peculiar tribute to Italian giallo. Great part of the film takes place in a department store where we will meet a group of characters connected by the underworld of occultism and witchcraft. ‘In Fabric’ is among the titles in San Sebastian's Official Section.

In addition, Mutant Genres will include La Noche Innombrable (The Unmentionable Night), a classic FICX event devoted to genre films, curated and presented by the critic and writer Jesús Palacios.
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