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HIGH VOLTAGE CINEMA: image of FICX 56th edition


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▪ Designer César Sánchez has created the image for FICX 2018
High voltage cinema. This is the declared intention of Xixón International Film Festival for its 56th edition. On the poster we can see a transmission tower representing FICX’s programme: the electrifying sections will be the platform for the diverse and innovative propositions that make up the festival programme. Electricity as the vehicle for mystery and audiovisual avant-garde, following the steps of outstanding filmmakers like David Lynch and his fascinating third season of “Twin Peaks”.

As in previous editions, this year’s image has been designed by César Sánchez, graphic designer and member of Divertia communication team. Sánchez highlights the simplicity in the making process, the genesis and the development of a collective process carried out by the creative team of the Festival. “We started from the idea of doing something with neon lights. It seemed fantastic to me because I’ve always been fascinated by the neon aesthetic and, mostly, because it is something very cinematographic, especially from that dark and sordid side of the cinema and, therefore, of the humankind.” A morning walk near La Camocha mine gave Sánchez the key: “The abandoned industrial landscape has a marked post-apocalyptic aesthetic. One early morning, there was a thick fog, common in very humid places, and there it was, the transmission tower that I had seen thousands of times, appearing like a ghost... There is nothing more cinematographic than neon lights and thick fog.”

The 56th Edition poster and all things related will also have their diffusion through social media, accompanied by the official hastag #56FICX and also #cinedealtovoltaje, #cinedaltuvoltax in Asturian language.
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