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Twenty short films for the Official Selection


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Seccion Oficial
In this international short film tour, stands out the presence in the Festival of three Spanish filmmakers. Kote Camacho, film writer and comic artist, presents his first work for the big screen with La Gran Carrera.
After her participation in Sundance with 1977, the Ferrol native Peque Varela participates in Gijon's contest with Gato Encerrado. The third national participant is Fernando Franco, editor of at least 32 films that brings to the Festival his fourth short called Room. A new interpretation of the word "space" that resolves in a confrontation between a lonely young cybernaut and the virtual community in which she belongs.

The Austrian experimental moviemaker Peter Tscherkassky tops the European itinerary of this selection with Coming Attractions, a sarcastic comedy about the origins of cinema, television advertising and cinematographic avant-garde. An itinerary that also offers the most provocative animation by the Golden Bear Award David OReilly, with his latest work The External World.

Portuguese Sandro Aguilar goes back to his short film origins alter his debut with the feature A Zona (2008). In Mercúrio he creates a limb of abandoned cars and personal affairs.

The remaining European participation is divided in five nationalities:

Germany: Ulrike Vahl's first short film Gömgöc, is a detailed still of everyday's life of rural Germany. In the opposite pole, Berlin's night, Stefan Lengauer places the main character of Zoe, a twenty year old girl that takes refuge in discotheques and clubs to flee from her own loneliness.

Sweden: Jesper Klevenas describes the problems of a young couple parenting a very quiet little girl in A Silent Child. While Jonas Odell offers her surprising mixture of reality, animation and comic aesthetics in Tussilago.

France: Christophe Régin tells the store of a former football placer that is looking for a second chance in Adieu Molitor. Fanny dal Magro paints the portrait of an unemployed single mother in En Suspensión.

Greece: Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois, contestant in Orizzonti Competition at Venice, places the audience at the end of a very long row creating a silent and accurate parable about surviving in times of economic crisis.

Romania: Victor Dragomir uses The Photograph to analize the generational confrontation between father and son around the simple fact of an ID picture.

North American short film claims its spot at the Official Selection with a delegation leaded by the charismatic brothers Joshua and Benny Safdie. After participating in last year's official contest with their feature Go Get Some Rosemary, they return to Gijon with John's Gone, an humoristic portrait of a boy that isolates himself after the death of his mother.

An apathy also captured by Rafael Palacio Illingworth in Man in a Room, protagonized by a drunken main character that will have a second chance to redeem himself. Also from the US the Festival screens Mosquito (Jeremy Engle), the story a Dominican 13 year old that chooses 1974 Halloween to take revenge against some teenager bullies. Also from Sundance (Cannes Director's Fortnight), Sean Durkin competes in Gijon with his latest short Mary Last Seen.

Without leaving the American continent be go south, to discover the lonely life of Rosa, directed by Mónica Lairana. In this short, the Argentinian filmmaker boards a very profound humanistic dilemma: If a person exists and there's no one to see it, ¿does he/she really exist?

The participants list of Short Film Official Selection ends with the Australian production: Muscles. In 14 minutes Edward Housden describes the difficulties of Richard to claim the male child role in the family against his extremely fitted sister.