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Stories on a short leash


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Sofía Quirós (Selva), Ramón Lluís Bande (Aún me quedan balas para dibujar), Pablo Hernando (Salió con prisa hacia la montaña), Ramón Salazar (El domingo) and Luis López Carrasco (Aliens) spoke this morning about their short films, competing at 55FICX Official Section.
Selva takes place in an island in Costa Rica, the director Sofía Qirós' country of origin, and it's a hybrid between fiction and documentary focused on the "relationship of its inhabitants with the sea" and "the exploration of that atmospheric universe". Its launch was marked by spontaneity, and she learned that "investing time doesn't mean the process will be free". As the only female presence of the group, the director denied having gone through hany obstacle while filming, because it creates "a tight team", although "when I finished Selva and I was at Cannes, men and women from my generation considered it incompatible that such a young and talented girl could be in such groups".

Bande, doubly present at the 55FICX by premiering also in Llendes the feature film Escoréu, 24 d'avientu de 1937, confessed his interest in "interacting with a wall" cinematographically speaking, using his short film. Aún me quedan balas para dibujar rescues the memories of those inmates at the Cangas del Narcea jail during Franco's dictatorship, thanks to personal drawings still present on the walls. With this project, he was interested "in the details" to "establish a narrative exercise" and thus generate "a story of the many existing in them".

Pablo Hernando, on Salió con prisa hacia la montaña, tells the story of "a man with an unstoppable impulse to go walking". The director, who was dedicated a special at the last FICX, pretended to "encapsulate a very specific emotion, a type of regret and bitterness for yourself". Much like he had already done in his episode of Esa sensación, in this short film he foregoes dialogue, because after Berserker he rather "look for something working only with images", although he acknowledges that "it's easier to make it so in a short format".

Ramón Salazar conceived El domingo as part of the construction of the film La enfermedad del domingo, premiering in Feabruary. On it he narrates "the day that marked the life of its protagonist". Although he "had the intention to include it in the process of the film's editing", finally he decided that the sequence would be an independent piece of eight minutes. With the collaborating project, Salazar wanted to "leave the coral and focus on just two characters", but he maintains as his identity signature the "mark left by the mother on the children throughout life".

Finally, Luis López Carrasco talks about Aliens's process, a short film that begins with the figure of Tesa Arranz, singer from Los Zombies. Seduced by her "iconoclast, delirious and tragic" tale, he decided d to dedicate a piece to her. "We found a relationship between her drawings about aliens and the people she met in the 80s", marks of a "tumultuous and fast-paced" life. In contrast to his previous works, with a more experimental tone, Carrasco decided to launch "a simpler staging" as a need given Tesa's personality. He also tried to present his design in a "bit invasive" way for the artist, to create a "warm environment". Thus, he obtained complete availability when it came to count on Tesa's residence and materials during the filming process.

Sergio de Benito
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