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dias dcine

The Gijón International FilmFestival gives the Honorary Award of the54th edition to Días de Cine, a mythical TVE program that turns 25 yearsold in 2016.

A 6 of October of 1991, a Sunday, it began the emission of Días de cine. Directed by César Abeytua, it lasted half an hour, had no presenter, was in 4:3, and boasted the best postproduction that the era allowed. There began one of the great declarations of love to the cinema that have been made (and still make) in our country.

Over time, the actress Aitana Sánchez Gijón arrived to the program, and then Antonio Gasset, who also directed the program. Gasset was the face of Días de Cinefor thirteen years. His comments were already circulating online when social networks were not even dreamed. Días de cine became, without hurry but without pause, in a program of cult, fruit of the charisma and acidity of its director, but also by the quality of the work that arose from a writing always dedicated to the cinema.

That half an hour turned into an hour. The days changed, from the opening Sunday, Días de cine went through Saturday, Friday, even Wednesdays, until finally settling on Thursdays. It was always the hallmark of Días de cine to tell things with a free and critical spirit. The FICX did not escape the net that the equipment of this mythical program threw in the most prestigious and / or suggestive festivals of the world. Our proposals in the last two decades have also been in the writing of Días de Cine, and from there they have crossed the screen to reach the large community of moviegoers who follow the TVE program every week.

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