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32 titles of creators of the Principality will gather at the event, including 9 competing at the Wide Angle Asturias section.

Competition Asturias' Day will consist of 13 titles and the sample contains 10 shortfilms

Gijon International Film Festival expands a year more its commitment with movies directed by filmmakers born or linked to the Principality of Asturias with the presence of 32 titles, 27% more than in the previous edition. Of these works, 7 films will compete in the Gran Angular Asturias section, and 13 in the Día d'Asturies section. In the 54FICX edition 24 asturian short films will be screened, representing almost a 40% of short films that will be exhibited this year. Under the same label nine feature films can be seen, representing a 10% of the total.

In the Sección Oficial will compete Ainhoa, by Iván Sáinz-Pardo, whose project won the prize "Corto Movistar +" last year. In his new job, the director draws the drama of evictions through the eyes of a child.

Gran Angular Asturias consists of nine films.The competition includes the works of Jose Fernandez Riveiro (La vida es un escenario), Jose Manuel Alonso Panea (De olas, tablas, y surferos. Pioneros del surf en Asturias) and Juan Moya and Chema Veiga (Mi vida entre las hormigas). It also includes works of Israel González (Los límites del cielo), Lan (Por fin viva), Pablo Gonzalez (Entre vampiros), Fernando Martinez and Juan Gonzalez (Ikea 2).Out of competition films Hoy como ayer by Konchi Rodriguez and Maricuela. A socialist woman by Felipe Capellán will be screened.

These are the films that will compete in Gran Angular Asturias section:

La vida es un escenario, by Jose Fernandez Riveiro.Documentary that traces the artistic career of Jerónimo Granda, all told from his point of view and from a lot of familiar faces of the Asturian show world as Maxi Rodriguez, Anthony Blake or Marga Llano.

Mi vida entre las hormigas, by Juan Moya and Chema Veiga.Because all the truth about rock & roll must be told, Moya and Mera direct this documentary about Ilegales, one of the essential groups of Spanish rock scene. Starring Jorge Illegal in a state of grace and a lot of musicians talking about the guitarist's band, from Jaime Urrutia (Gabinete Caligari) to Javier Andreu (La Frontera) and also Miguel Rios and Victor Manuel.

Por fin viva, by Lan. Inspired in After Life, by Kore-Eda, this film focuses on freedom and its possible practices. The argument of this production by Vello Público was being developed at the time it was being recorded.

De olas, tablas y surferos, by Jose Manuel Alonso Panea.The main characters of this documentary tell us how they began surfing in Salinas, Gijon, Ribadesella Tapia de Casariego in the early sixties, after discovering in American magazines the art of riding waves.

Entre vampiros, by Pablo González.A story of bloodsuckers on the tatamis of a group dedicated to Kempo Karate. Produced by Cine Heroico, a creative stamp born in 2013 in Madrid that welcomes a group of young artists dedicated to the audiovisuals.

Ikea 2,by Fernando Martinez and Juan Gonzalez. Production that aims to tell a story following an aesthetic movement born on the Internet: the conjunction of glitch (digital error), the glitter and noventero kitsch. A trip through fear to a life that begins when you thought it wouldn't.

Los límites del cielo, by Israel González.This first film is a social drama about love, pain, loneliness, sex and loss, a cluster of emotions that are woven in this Madrid coral story that happens on the big screen but that could take place under our home.

You can download pictures and clips of Gran Angular Asturias in this link:

Día d'Asturies celebrates this year its 17th edition, and does so with fourteen short films in competition and ten samples. The section dedicated to the production of shortfilms by Asturian filmmakers is sponsored by TPA.

The selection of shortfilms included in the competition Día d'Asturies is compoed by the following titles:

Exit, by José Luis Veláquez Menéndez

Los amantes, by Abel Castro

Duelos, by Yolanda Román

La clase, by Julio de la Fuente

Ad-vientu, by Roberto Fernández Canuto y Xu Xiaoxi

Noche, by Alexis Delgado Búrdalo

No tiembles, by Lucas Álvarez Sellán

Reencarnación, by Sonia Madrid

Nocturno, by Jorge Dopacio

La visita de Laura, by J.K. Álvarez

Extático, by Azahara Gómez

Marcus, by Fernando Lorenzana

Y Nadia más que tú, by Pablo Vijande (this shortfilm's project won last year the New Filmmakers award)

You can download pictures and clips of the shortfilms of the competition Dia d'Asturies in this link:

The shortfilms selected for the sample at the Dia d'Asturies are the following:

La vuelta, by Emilio Martínez-Borso

La cara del diablo, by Julio de la Fuente

El niño azul, by José Vázquez

Sueños, by Alberto Álvarez

Monstruo, by David Rodríguez Muñiz

Ojalá, by Antonio Antón

La llamada, by Alberto Rodriguez

Mírame a los ojos, by Olga Alamán

La oportunidad, by Rodrigo Menen y Miguel Ángel Muñiz

Un día más, by Joaquín R. Yáñez y Pablo Turrero

La oportunidad and Un día más won the first competition of Young Shortfilms by Gijon's Conseyu de la Mocedá.