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Llendes and Rellumes discover the latest author cinema works


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· Llendes hosts the premiere in Spain of Menandros & Thaïs, Isola, Una novia de Shangai and Disco Limbo.

· Rellumes shows nine film flashes which turn upside down topics such as death, migration,destruction of Spanish rural life, arranged marriages in Iran or the Afghan rock.

he 54th edition of the Gijon International Film Festival presents sections Llendes and Rellumes, the most hybrid ones in recent years, two programs that show Gijon public premieres as Radio Dreams, Babak Jalali, o La luz incidente, of Ariel Rotter, and the best films screened in other international competitions, such as Rosa Chumbe by Jonatan Relayze; Life and A Day by Saeed Roostaee or Isola by Fabianny Deschamps.


Llendes follows the path marked by previous editions with bold, thorough and thoughtful films that takes formal risks, and where the border between fiction and non fiction is diluted with films such as Menandros & Thaïs, Isola, Una novia de Shanghai and Disco Limbo. This four films are premieres in Spain.

Una novia de Shanghai, by Mauro Andrizzi (Argentina / China). The latest film from the Argentinean director is inspired by the classic screwball comedies, with death as an excuse. The result is a fast film, full of absurdities and tangles on the transfer of the body of a young man to his final resting place following a tradition of the seventeenth century of marriages between ghosts. Andrizzi filmed this mystical delirium in a megacity which he did'nt know and in a language that he doesn't speak and with Moreno Veloso music and Daniel Melingo street tangos.

Menandros & Thaïs, by Ondrej Cikan and Antonin Silar (Czech Republic, Austria). Experimental adventure film which combines mythological and contemporary elements. Silar and Cikan's debut, also author of the namesake novel which tells the story of a great legendary love and a greater desire for revenge. Film with lots of reminiscences of the experimental theatre, in which Silar's set designer office and the Cikan's training as a classical philologist is reflected. Film which rides between the extravagances of Greenaway and the essential Marketa Lazarova by Frantisek Vláčil.

Isola, by Fabianny Deschamps (France, Tunisia). Lyrical film inserted into the inner drama of migration in Europe. Recorded like a documentary in Lampedusa and Sicily in one of the hardest moments of the migrant crisis, Isola is also a fiction that shows a pregnant young Chinese as an island in the middle of the whirlwind of men and women scaping from a terrible present and looking for a better future. While narrating the story of the protagonist, Deschamps doesn't hide rescues, identifications, deaths ...

Disco Limbo, by Fredo Landaveri and Mariano Toledo (Argentina). The debut of these two directors is designed like a pop song: boy wants to meet boy, boy meets boy, boy falls for boy. And all in the middle of a party. Landaveri and Toledo show a trip to the protagonist's mind as a great video clip, flirting with video art and making part of the dialogues as fragments of songs of bands and artists as diverse as Fito Paez, The Killers, Dënver, Ricky Martin or Babasónicos .


The audience of 54th edition, who chooses with their votes the winning film of Rellumes will have nine international films, which stand as the necessary complement of the Official Section of FICX itself. These titles, all premieres in Spain, turn conventional themes and show in them an exceptional strength. Movies that support the strong push coming from Latin America as La luz incidente or Rosa Chumbe, and from film industries as distant from each other as the Dominican Republic, Iran, Canada and Spain, as seen in El Pastor.

Radio Dreams, by Babak Jalali (United States). Gijon public could see the debut of this Iranian director in the official section of the 47th edition (Frontier Blues) and now the FICX will show as a premiere in Spain his second film, which already was awarded in Rotterdam, Seattle and Tarkovsky Festival. Radio Dreams is a subtle reflection on the Iranian diaspora through this story which links Kabul Dreams, the first Afghan rock band, and Metallica. With the participation of Lars Ulrich defending music as universal truth shared by all.

La luz incidente, by Ariel Rotter (Argentina). The Argentinean director took a prize in the 47th edition of FICX for the screenplay of El otro. He returns to the festival with his third feature film, awarded in Havana and Mar de Plata. It is an elegant black and white chronic about a sentimental relationship that begins when the woman lives mourning for her dead husband.

Rosa Chumbe, by Jonatan Relayze (Peru). The debut of this director from Lima takes a good collection of awards at international festivals such as Buenos Aires, Montreal or Austin. Relayze portrays Rosa Chumbe, a police who sees her routine interrupted when her 18 year-old daughter leaves home leaving no savings and a grandson to look after. With the participation of Casaretto Gordo, Peruvian humour icon.

La mécanique de l'ombre, by Thomas Kruithof (France, Belgium). The first feature film by Kruithof is a paranoic spy thriller with a cast that gather awards at Cannes, Venice or Cesar, like François Cluzet (Untouchable) or Alba Rohrwacher, which will also be seen in the FICX in The Tale of Tales, by Garrone.

El pastor, by Jonathan Cenzual Burley (Spain). The director from Salamanca makes his debut in Gijon with his third film, which gathered three prizes in the last Raindance Festival in London. Filmed in deep Salamanca, the film shows the conflicts that greed unleashes in rural areas.

Rosalie Blum, by Julien Rappeneau (France). The son of Jean-Paul Rappeneau debuts as a director with this comedy based on the namesake comic by Jourdy Camille, a sort of "when Vicent found Rosalie" starring the director Noémie Lvovsky (Camille Redouble).

Jeffrey, by Yanillys Perez (Dominican Republic, France). Documentary awarded at Toronto which narrates the life of a 12 year-old windshield wiper living in Santo Domingo, on the banks of the Ozama River and who wants to be a reggaeton singer. The director and actress (Carlos de Assayas) explained that in Jeffrey "the reality is stronger than fiction."

Pays, by Chloe Robichaud (Canada). The canadian director crosses the lives of three polticians in a fictitious island country during tough negotiations on mining. Robichaud bases his story on a real event to stop at the personal stories hidden behind a political conflict.

Life and A Day, by Saeed Roostaei (Iran). The debut of this Iranian director gathered nine Crystal Simorgh in the latest edition of Fajr Festival, the most important of the Persian country. The heroine of this film wants to get out of its hostile environment, and will try it by accepting a (unclear) marriage proposal.