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Enfants Terribles releases 12 independent cinema titles for kids and youngsters


(Votes count 280)

(Rating average 3,02)


• Five directors and three actors will take part in
the scheduled meetings with the public of the youngest section of the FICX
• The 18 editions of the educational program of the Festival have gathered over 172,000 students from Asturias, Galicia, Leon and Cantabria
• Cesar Sanchez signs the Enfants Terribles poster, paying tribute to A Clockwork Orange
The 19th edition of Enfants Terribles will offer the youngest festival audience twelve international productions which stray from mainstream distortion to reflect and debate in the classroom. Twelve titles of the newest cinema made in countries such as Germany, Russia or Australia, a carefully selected sample of independent films tailored to children and teenagers, the true stars of this section, one of the identifying features of FICX.
The youngest program of the Festival has been a must for the educational community of Asturias for almost two decades, as evidenced by the 172,000 students who have passed through the theatres of Enfants Terribles in the previous eighteen editions. Last year, this section had over 10,603 students from 111 schools and high-schools from nearly forty Asturian towns, and from Leon and Cantabria.

The poster

The poster for the 19th edition of Enfants Terribles has been created by Cesar Sanchez, also creator of the one for FICX 54. This is what the Asturian illustrator comments about his work:

"Just like the poster for FICX, it is based on a film by Kubrick, in this case A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick is one of my favourite directors and, after deciding on HAL as the idea for the main poster, following the trail to Enfants came naturally and really fast to me. The story of a troubled teenager fitted this section like a glove and it seamlessly adapted to the general idea of the festival, giving it a common identity. It may seem old or out of context now, but as an icon, the picture of the eye opened by force by a surgical-looking device is still shocking nowadays".

The competition

As usual, young people attending these screenings will decide with their votes which movies will win the two awards in this section: up to 12 years and for over 13 years. In the 19th edition of Enfants Terribles twelve films from Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the United States and Australia will compete. They are all premieres in our country.

The official venues are at Teatro de Universidad Laboral, the Teatro Jovellanos and Cines Centro, this section presents a rich variety of productions which deal with issues such as exploration of the teenage world, death, family conflicts, teamwork, eroticism or sexual anxiety. They will all be screened in original version with subtitles in Spanish or English. There will be, as in previous years, a film with live dubbing to Asturian (Blinky Bill, The Movie) and also with Asturian subtitles. And a film aimed for children 4 years and over will be screened with live dubbing to Spanish (Molly Monster).

Among the proposals included in Enfants Terribles in its 19th edition we highlight such films as the one directed by Theresa von Eltz. 4 Kings focuses on the quagmire which adolescence can be. It stars four up and coming young German actors who have won film awards in Spanish film festivals, Venice or Berlin. The director shows the confrontation between different ways of understanding education and psychiatry in the sentimental trap that can become Christmas. It won a prize in Rome.

From the United States comes another film about the basic concerns of puberty. Slash, by Clay Liford, is a comedy that uses the fanfic universe to address teenagers' identity and sexual anxiety and also the pride in being different.

The main character of Girl Asleep, is also trying to find her place in the world, although its director, Rosemary Myers, wants to explore the world of puberty focusing on a teenager who does not want to leave her childhood behind and become part of an incomprehensible, erotic and violent world. The debut of this Australian filmmaker has won awards in Seattle, Adelaide and Melbourne, and for a good part of the critics, it is the most extraordinary coming-of-age of the year.

Vincent is not another youth dramedy. It uses the sickening panic that the main character feels about carbon emissions to deal with the feeling of incomprehension that snatches adolescence away and the need to overcome family troubles. After his acclaimed Moscow, Belgium, Christophe van Rompaey the director, draws in Vincent a hopeful portrait of a young man who sees no other solution to global warming than his own suicide.
FICX fans will love to see again iconoclastic actor Gustave Kervern (Louise-Michel, Mammuth) on the big screen. This time in the cast of Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud, the debut of editor Sophie Reine, who builds a solid comedy with a single father forced to attend a course on parental responsibility.

Enfants Terribles audiences will have the opportunity to see the new instalment –the sixth- of the popular book series The Wild Soccer Bunch, created by writer and director Joaquim Masannek. The Wild Soccer Bunch- The Legend Lives! is based on the director's own experience as a team coach of a children's football team in Germany and speaks of the importance of sport as a school for life and the need of teamwork.

Chicken arrives in the screen after a successful debut in the independent London stage (theatre and film production share also main character, Scott Chambers, who will also participate in the Enfants Terribles Q&As together with the director of the film). Joe Stephenson's debut film competes in Gijon after its triumphant participation in Giffoni with these key features: life at the margins of society and domestic abuse and its terrible consequences.

Another literary adaptation: Blinky Bill, The Movie. This koala is one of the most famous characters in Australian children's literature and debuts in cinema backed by two highly respected names in American animation: Deane Taylor (art director of Cow and Chicken or The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Noel Cleary (who has worked for Disney in films such as Walking with dinosaurs, Tarzan & Jane or Bambi II). This film will be dubbed in Asturian.

Enfants Terribles support of animation materializes in two other films: Molly Monster and Savva. Molly Monster (Molly's Gift) is a European co-production directed by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad and Matthias Bruhn. Award winner in Shanghai, this film aimed at kids speaks of harmony and family love. This is the latest instalment in the saga of this literary character, which also has a television series.

Savva, a Russian production is the debut as a director of original soundtracks composer Max Fadeev (Jack Ryan: Shadow Operation), also screenwriter of The Lion King 2. This 3D fairy tale tells kids 10 year old Savva's adventure. She is determined to free her people from the clutches of bloodthirsty hyenas. The English version the FICX will screen, features the voices of Milla Jovovich, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci and Whoopi Goldberg.

From Germany comes another title filled with virtual fantasy. The main character of Offline - Are You Ready for the Next Level? is an expert in an online game whose winning avatar is stolen by another player. That is the starting point of this story, created by Florian Schnell, which presents the need to face the world and have real experiences.

The competition is completed with another German production: Help, I Shrunk My Teacher. Almost 20 years after the shooting of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Sven Unterwaldt gives a twist to the issue of dwindling by making a kid reduce the hated director of her school to the size of a BIC pen. Bambi award winner.


The Teatro de la Laboral, the Jovellanos and Cines Centro will host the Meetings with both directors and actors of the films in Enfants Terribles, essential face-to-face with the youngest festival audience members, in which questions, ideas and suggestions are exchanged. In this edition there will be meetings with the following directors: Sophie Reine (Cigarettes and Chocolat Chaud), Joaquím Massannek (The Wild Soccer Bunch), Theresa von Eltz (4 Kings), Florian Schnell (Offline) y Joe Stephenson (Chicken). Gijon will also host actors Scott Chambers (Chicken), Spencer Bogaert (Vicent) and Michelle Monballing (The Wild Soccer Bunch).


The festival will offer students and teachers a Digital Teaching Guide which provides educational tips about the films in Enfants Terribles, in addition to the complementary activities offered to schools. This publication is intended to foster debate in the classroom, as well as greater involvement and participation of young people in the screenings they attend, also promoting their critical spirit. It can be followed in


The ticket price to Enfants Terribles for students of the municipality of Gijón is of 3 € (with transport) or 2 € (without transport), thanks to the collaboration of the Festival with the Conseyu de la Mocedá of Gijón. For those students coming from other municipalities, the entrance fee is 2 €.

Promotional material and hi-res poster may be downloaded HERE