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Patrice Leconte President of the Jury


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patrice leconte
I hope to watch good films, important ones that make me feel.. I will be a curious spectator, one that will react more on his feelings than on his intellect
Triple participation in the Festival for Patrice Leconte, for whom the organization had a surprise prepared, during the Inauguration Gala he was presented with the award obtained in the last edition, His well earned Honourable mention of the Jury for Le magasin des suicides

It was the first incursion in animation for the prestigious director and scriptwriter, who has disclosed in Gijón, that he has a new animation project in hand, the script and characters are all ready defined, "only missing is financing" he stated that it is an expensive project and that he hopes it will come through. Pagtrice Leconte confessed to the media that he loved working in this format as it gives him " an extraordinary freedom"

"No one is monochrome" was his answer when asked for the oddness of this production and the film with which he has come to the Festival, A Promise, a splendidly filmed work based upon the best classicism. Based on the novel of the Austrian director Stefan Zweig.. Some liberties have been taken for the adaptation "without betraying the original story", like giving the spectator the possibility "of imagining the sentimental future of the leading characters ", something that was not present in the novel of the Austrian, which was a darker story. Leconte manages in this way to portray a more encouraging and brighter film.

The presentation in Gijón of "A Promise" even ahead of its release in France, his native country, is only the second cause of his presence in the Festival. His third is his role as president of the International Jury, a task that he takes on "with a certain embarrassment" because " who am I to judge the work of my colleagues?" he stated in the Inauguration Gala, he went on to add, that he hoped to see good films, important ones that will make feel.
He will take on the task as a curious spectator, letting emotions not intellect carry him. It is "doubly embarrassing to come and to judge" even more when I have had the honour of Inauguration de Festival"
A Promise will be screened again on Monday at 22:30 hours in the Cines Centro, film theatre number 5
One of the backbones of the festival of Gijon is the closer relationship between the cinema and the spectator, and having that aim in mind it organises activities like "Coffee with…" to inaugurate these informal gatherings, an exceptional guest, Jiri Menzer , Czechoslovak director, winner of an Oscar for " Closely watched trains. Speaking for an audience who did not miss a single word of his talk, Menzer apart from reviewing the story of the cinema in his country, did not hesitate to make a plea to happiness " since I made my first film, my objective has been to encourage people to live life"