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And the Mujer de Cine 2012 Award goes to … Cecilia Bartolomé


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premio mujer de cine
Cecilia Bartolomé (1943, Alicante), screenwriter and director, will be awarded the Premio Mujer de Cine 2012.
Mujeres de cine and River Lab give this award, for the second year in a row, to a pioneer, a woman who became the exception at a time when men were the rule. Together with Josefina Molina or Pilar Miró, she paved the way so that access to creative positions was easier for new female filmmakers, even if normalization is still far away. Cecilia Bartolomé will be welcomed by a bus full of female film professionals.

The award will be handed out at 13:30 hours, in Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos. She will receive it from the hands of Josefina Molina, who won the same award in 2011. The act will be presided by Carmen Moriyón, mayores of Gijón and the Consejera de Cultura in Asturias, Ana González, the Vicepresident of thecademia de Cine, Judith Colell, the President of the Asociación de Mujeres Cineastas y de Medios Audiovisuales (CIMA), Isabel Ocampo, and the film critic and former director of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Visuales (ICAA) and of the Escuela de Cine y Televisión de Madrid (ECAM), Fernando Méndez-Leite will also attend.

At 17:00 horas, in Sala 4 at the Cines Centro, the film ¡Vámonos Bárbara! (1978), inspired on Scorsese's Alicia doesn't live here anymore (1974) will be shown. Actress Amparo Soler plays Ana, a woman who decides to split up from her husband in spite of the opposition of those surrounding her. The main character sets on a trip with Barbara, her 12 year-old daughter, searching for her new identity. The film set during the Transición, defends women's power of decision during a time of not only political changes, but also social.

Bartolomé has also directed the long features Después de... primera parte: No se os puede dejar solos y Después de... segunda parte: Atado y bien atado, both in 1983, Lejos de África, en 1996, and the episode of the TV series Cuéntame como pasó about Carrero Blanco's bombing. She has also written the screenplay for Manolito Gafotas en ¡Mola ser Jefe!.

The Mujeres de Cine initiative is an award for a film sector in overwhelming minority and defends equal opportunities in all the fields of this discipline.

Claudia Lorenzo