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Emir Kusturica floods the Teatro Jovellanos in Gijón with his music


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The No Smoking Orchestra, led by musician and film maker Emir Kusturica, set its Balkan beats loose in the concert held yesterday at Teatro Jovellanos of Gijón. This show was the homage the band and the Serbian director, two-time winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes, paid to the Fiftieth Anniversary of Gijon International film Festival.

Music and cinema mixed in front of an audience of more than one thousand, an audience that followed closely the instructions Kusturica gave: they clapped, repeated what he told them to or jumped on stage to dance. The soundtrack of films like Time of Gypsies or Black Cat, White Cat became violin, accordion, saxophone, guitar, bass and drums, all of them played at a frantic pace.

The star of independent movies shone on stage. Even if unforeseen circumstances prevented him from meeting with the audience as scheduled, before the concert, Emir Kusturica wished to talk about his career in an interview that will be published in el50's next issue.

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