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Ciclo VOS 2012: The illusionist, by Sylvain Chomet


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Ciclo VOS 2012: The illusionist, by Sylvain Chomet
France. 2011. 80 minutes / Original Title:
Director, editor and music Sylvain Chomet
Script Jacques Tati

Voices The Illusionist Jean-Claude Donda Alice Nic Debray Scottish Victor Ens Young Antonio Mengual Llobet Rabbit Charlotte Walton Acrobats Javier Martin Lapeyra and Manuel García Galiana Villy Boy and the Britoons


At the end of the 50´s, a revolution shakes all the musil-hall universe: rock genre produces young stars who attract the mob, while traditional shows (acrobats, juggles, ventriloquists) are considered old-fashioned. Our heroe, the illusionist, is part of the group of these kind of artists. It´s hard for him to get a job to performs his shows. He has to leave the big parisians theaters and move to London to try there performing his show. The situation is the same in UK... so he will have to resign himself to act in small places.In a Scottish coast village, he will meet an orphan little girl, very naive and innocent, who will give back to him all hope that he had lost during his life. The elderly illusionist will try not to disappoint her in order to she can still believe in the possibility that the world could be, yet, a magic place.
Palabras clave 2012, Festival de Cine