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Press conference with Azazel Jacobs, director of Terri


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Azazel Jacobs
Press conference with Azazel Jacobs, director of Terri
by Elena Duque
Terri takes us, with Jacob's particular vision, to the corridors of a high school, fertile grounds for Northamerican cinema. This was the starting point of the conference in which Jacobs admitted that "John Hughes films had a big impact on me".

Regarding the iconic force of highschools in Northamericans' lives, Jacobs claimed "I think it has to do more with puberty, not so much with school in itself but their age, physical changes, with trying to understand the world and realising all you do not know. I don't know if it is something esentially American. What I am interested in are the moments that impact the rest of our lives, which is something that doesn't happen in adulthood but in adolescence".

After filming Momma's man, a very personal project (which was mostly shot at his parents', who also play the protagonist's parents), Jacobs' universe in Terri moves to California to work with a script written by Patrick Dewitt.

About this topic Jacobs explained that "after Momma's man, I wanted to see if I could tell somebody else's story my way. Patrick, who I admired as a writer and with whom I planned to work, offered me a study of different characters among whom was Terri. I felt this person was very friendly, and I proposed Patrick to start the script. After two of three pages he used to send me what he had written and we would discuss it. I like this challenge a lot, getting into world I do not know".

A very special character, that of Terri, about whom Jacobs said "the difference between Terri and other guys is that he has nobody, he has to look at the world by himself, without any reference at all. That's he observes life as he does. He understands the world differently than others".

A film that, according to Jacobs, "I wanted it to be as a fable or fantasy, things that you don't believe may happen, but they do". Moreover, Terri has premiered with a wide release in the USA.

About this, Jacobs commented that "somebody who rents this film at Blockbuster because John c. Reilly is in it, might get disappointed, but I like the idea of the film being mainstream enough to reach many homes and kids discover something. This happened to me with a film called The Chocolate War that meant a lot to me".

The press conference was closed talking about the friendship and complicity between Jacobs and Gerardo Naranjo (with whom he directed The GoodTimesKid), who directed Miss Bala, which this year can be seen in the Mutant Genres season.