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Plataforma. Live cinema at the closing gala


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by Elena Duque
The artistic group Fiumfoto and the musicians Ramón Prada and Hector Sandoval (Komatsu) have prepared an interesting show for the Closing Gala of Gijón International Film Festival. We spoke to Fiumfoto (Cristina de Silva and Nacho de la Vega) and with Prada. They gave us an advance of their project Plataforma.

What is the audience that is going to attend Pataforma going to find?
Fiumfoto: a live audio-visual collage in which different film extracts of many genders are mixed to come to a hybrid in between live cinema and experimentation. Plataforma is the result of mixing four components that work with the objective of a no-linear narrative with a high degree of abstraction
Ramón: a live soundtrack for a sketchy film where the acoustic and the electronic are mixed together to create and (un)build cinema and, at the same time, coming from cinema.

How does the feedback of image and music work in this project?
Ramón: the chosen images and the sounds produced by them come to make part of interpretation and viceversa

What has inspired you to create Plataforma and how did you arrive at live cinema?
Fiumfoto: from the beginning the audio-visual collage was a part of our way of working either in film format, videoinstalation or even in live but with analogical means. When the new digital tools arrived we apply this new live way of working in a more fluent way. We started to cooperate with different artists involved in the musical scene in which Ramón and Komatsu were already working. The first stable formation was Exfium, the combination of Fiumfoto and Exium (duet of producers of Techno music Hector already belonged to).
Plataforma searches for, from the integration of our work, keeping on experimenting with image and live music, from other parameters.
Ramón: begining with our own creative experiences, we are interested in electronic linked to music and image, and Plataforma is the way to carry it out. That is why the manipulation of our raw material (live music and image) takes us relentlessly to live cinema.

What is the relation of your work with this Film Festival?
Fiumfoto: the new project Plataforma is an assignment by the Festival, so that is why we have specifically thought for this context and we will work from audio-visual material that belongs, mainly, to this new edition of the Festival.