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Studio Film Bilder Programme


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Today, at 19.45, in Centro Cinemas 1, with Q&A. Again on Saturday, at 17.00, same cinema.
Heterogeneity and creative flexibility are the identity sign of Film Bilder, animation studio founded in Stuttgart in 1989, at the edge of the fall of Berlin Wall. Its formula combines mainstream productions with assignments (for instance they are responsible for the animated sequences of Run, Lola, run) as well as their own personal projects.

This programme is an example of the most free and personal side of the studio, example of eclecticism and openness regarding techniques, expressive forms, generations and themes, in a bunch of sparkling hard-hitting short films that have been awarded with a long list of prizes in the most important festivals at a global level.

The Creation, signed by Thomas Meyer-Herman, founding member of the studio, shows total proficiency at drawing and 2D animation with biting and disturbing iconoclast sense of humour. Gil Alkabetz, with simple and expressive drawing brings a deliriously hilarious story from a logic game in Rubicon. By the English animator Phil Mulloy (tributed in Gijón some years ago) is The Final Solution, a terrible dystopia but full of sense of humour that aesthetically speaking has its sources in African native painting and expressionism.

Andreas Hykade's work in Ring of Five, The Runt and Love & Theft testifies a personal universe of consistent line that takes advantage of the unlimited possibility of animating characters and unusual worlds, surrealist and lyrically allegorical, in a project that has developed towards colour and cleanness of forms, as it can be seen in his fascinating Love & Theft (2010), surrealist and hallucinogenic piece.

In the 3D animation section we have Daniel Nocke, with No Room for Gerold and 12 Years, works that focus on the petty miseries of personal relationships with stylistic forms of independent cinema, adding up an element of confusion of strife-torn results: substitute human beings for animals.
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