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Santiago Mitre, director of El estudiante


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Santiago Mitre, director of El estudiante
by Marcos Gutiérrez
Santiago Mitre mentioned during the press conference, that, with El Estudiante, 'he didn't intend the story to a specific period in history'. However, despite the film focusing on such a particular theme as the political conflicts at Buenos Aires University, it may appeal to a large diversity of places in the mind of the spectator.

Being asked about the answer that the film offers regarding the different and polarised ideological groups existing in Argentinian University, Mitre remarked that despite the film being a political element, it is still 'permeable to any kind of interpretation'. With regards to the complex relationship, which may make it difficult for a foreign audience to understand the linguistic and thematic particularities of a work focusing in such an specific context, the author explained that 'he knew that being precise in the talk about university and politics in Argentina, the film may reach a more universal audience'.

In the filmmaker's opinion 'what the film evidences is the place from which the young people participate in politics' and he detailed that, although the breeze of the 'indignados' movement has not an equivalent in Argentina yet, it is true that such necessity is perceived universally.
Mitre admitted that the film was shot almost with zero budget, with the help of the team and in an almost documentary fashion. Santiago Mitre advanced that his next work, La Llanura, will focus again on political issues, with characters who belonged to the revolutionary political militancy in the 70s.