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Día d'Asturies


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Press conference with Día d'Asturies directors
by Elena Duque
Andrés Solla, Konchi Rodríguez, Luis Trapiello, Sofía Castañón and the Prada brothers, representatives of five of the six short films selected for the official section in Día D'Asturies, were the stars of this press conference in which we got to know the particular features of each of their projects.

Andrés Solla, director of El tercer día, talked about the origin of his short film, which comes from a couple of years' old idea, barely sketched, and in whose development independence was essential: "We had no funding; that would have slowed down everything. We made use of what we had, which is the way things should be done at the beginning". A production model, quite autonomous, which he shares with Konchi Rodríquez, director of El globo, el payaso y el tren, who acted in response to the urgency of events on 15 May. She missed a look from fiction. "We developed the story in a weekend, and we recorded it at the following one; it was basically against the clock".

Luis Trapiello did count on a more important funding for his project, La muyer del fatu gris, (first screened at the Seminci, and produced by the important Asturian production company Blaster), based on a story by Manuel Vicent. Trapiello highlighted the author's support for its adaptation: "He told me he did trust me, and that gave me the chance to count on first-rate actors". Sofía Castañón, producer of Humo, also pointed out the role of her story's cast "Cesáreo Estébanez, the main actor, even collaborated in the funding of the project". Castañón also talked about the extraordinary appearance of Rosa María Mateo in her role as an actress, nearly unknown. The already famous and awarded Prada brothers were also able to count on a famous actress, Macarena Gómez, who according to them wanted to be part of the cast even before reading the script. A story quite linked to current times, their short film Lo estipulado. As the Prada brothers say "we focused on the job interviews our generation is subjected to, and on the kind of things that need to be reached to get a job". A bunch of ideas and various ways of production the ones in this competitive section, which bear witness to the hive of creativity that Asturias is this season.