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Gabriel Velázquez, director of Iceberg


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rdp Iceberg
Gabriel Velázquez, director of Iceberg
by Marcos Gutiérrez
Only an eighth part of the mass of an iceberg is above water. That same way, only a part of the massive amount of original footage shot by Gabriel Velázquez for his feature Iceberg has remained in the final cut. The Spanish director admits he likes "to shoot everything" and that after "a whole year editing", he decided to give the project one final turn. In that sense, he jokes that "when the DVD comes out, it will be the release with most extras in history".

And that is because the five weeks' shooting went a long way. Eventually, the filmmaker decided on an "austere, minimalist" proposal, with a great economy of dialogues which, he admits, makes the film "not too easy", although he expressed his satisfaction with the final product. For Velázquez, the starkness of the word he chose for a title implies something "solid, cold", a metaphor of that part of themselves that those teenagers in the film show, while facing alone, without adult guidance, a new reality with River Tormes as a silent witness.

Because the kids starring the film are its strongest point. They were chosen among 4,000 teenagers "in a three-month-long audition during which we visited school after school and high school after high school". In his opinion, having sacrifised dialogue in the final edition is more due to "faith in my own emotions" than to any current trend.