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Marie Losier, a One-Woman Band


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Marie Losier, a One-Woman Band
by Marcos Gutiérrez
Marie Losier is "a one-woman band" of art-house cinema. Her kind, playful side of experimental cinema exercises control over her projects (costume, direction,
editing, promotion...) that is only known by those who wander alternative and underground sites. The French artist, star of one of the focus, conveyed a feeling of proximity and familiarity and admitted that "every portrait I have done comes from friendships.Closeness to these people allows me to adopt a sentimental

The author of The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a project that was developed for nearly eight years, remarked that "the editing has to do with feelings". The filmmaker landed in New York
and there, after having worked in all kind of food jobs, she became closely linked to the most experimental cinema.

Asked about whether she would jump to a more mainstream cinema one day, Losier admitted that "I would try, but I do not know how to tell people what they have to do as I always do everything. Moreover, I do not write scripts and I cannot work according to a standard text".

In The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Marie Losier shoots the day-to-day of Genesis P. Orridge and his partner Lady Jaye in their journey to become just a living person in two different bodies.
The death of Lady Jaye marks the end of a film that "emotionally" could not be developed any longer.