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Ruben Östlund, a Swedish man without formality


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Ruben Östlund, a Swedish man without formality
by Marcos Gutiérrez
Ruben Östlund sees the cinema as "a study of human behaviour ". Play proposes a game to us . It teaches us up to what extent human beings feel intimidated when questioning the rules. The actual event the film is based on interested the Swedish director because "the five
black boys that robbed the white boys used a rhetorical trap, but no violence at all ."

At the same time, this is also an exercise about the effect that stereotypes have on the mind maps that people build to make their own reality more comprehensive.

Östlund pointed out the way in which young people committed the crime : "they used the image of the black man", which exists in society as a weapon of intimidation. The director recalled how,
after the premiere of Play at Cannes, a reporter questioned him about his "prejudices " against black people. "When an individual from a group does something wrong, people belonging to other groups tend to generalize that behaviour," he said. The filmmaker, always struggling to avoid formality in his proposal, stressed that "while the economic and social imbalance" perpetuate, the idea of some boys of a certain race robbing others belonging to a different one will continue to be