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International circuit most fresh and vivid movies in Rellumes Special Competition


(Votes count 547)

(Rating average 3,02)

Rellumes second edition opens the contest to more movies, becoming a fresher and more vivid window for independent film industry

Rellumes second edition opens the contest to more movies, becoming a fresher and more vivid window for independent film industry. 48th Gijon Film Festival's audience, which chooses through the voting process the winner of this special category, will regard twelve new sparkling productions of the international cinematographic panorama, an alternative to Official Selection that matches Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Venezia's Orizzonti Selection or San Sebastian's Zabaltegi.

Rellume's titles torn apart conventional themes discovering in them a new freshness that nobody had seen before. From the darkness of a Danish prison in R, to Ashley Horner's BrilliantLove, the black sense of humor of those that have nothing to lose in Morgen, or The Happy Poet's ironic picture of an unemployed artist that has to renew himself (just like the movies of this Competition) in search of happiness.

Dj Tiga, Chilly Gonzales and Peaches, three outstanding electronic music artists, are responsible, along with the director Adam Traynor, of the movie Ivory Tower: "an existential comedy about sports" hardly influenced by Zoolanderand Wes Anderson's humor that tells the story of two brothers (chess players) in conflict for one woman. The movie's rhythm is marked by passionate Jazz Chess matches (an artistic chess formula with no winners or losers). British Ashley Horner presents inBrilliantLove his particular critic on art market. A beautiful but simple love story full with explicit sex scenes in which we discover two peculiar characters: the beautiful taxidermist Noon, and her boyfriend Manchester. A bunch of high tone pictures that fall in the wrong hands will compromise their relationship. Adriana Maggs' first feature Grown up Movie Star (Sundance Best Actress Award) shows a teenager's sexual awakening in the middle of her family's breakage, in a way that brings back movies such as Kidsor Thirteen.

Amongst Rellumes' surprising and heterodox movies we find a strong presence of American Independent Contemporary Cinematography. Aaron Katz's Cold Weather, is the story of Doug, a Forensic Science student that goes back to his native Portland to recover from his failure, but things start going strange when his girlfriend disappears leaving clues that will hardly help to resolve the mystery. This film has quickly become a cult movie in United States. After an astonishing impact on the audience in BAFICI, Thessaloniki and Vienna, Matt Porterfield's Putty Hill shows the directors personal vision of American Dream's decadence. A trip to the white suburbs, full of unstructurated families, skate parks, tattoo studios, a forest and a karaoke bar, Gus van Sant style with a touch of Pedro Costa's documentary fiction. The third American film in Rellumes is The Happy Poet by Paul Gordon. A funny comedy about an unemployed poet that switches from literature to a vegetarian fast food business in the middle of a crowded Texas park.

Boring nights in a Buenos Aires hotel, a young bellboy apprentice and the receptionist in charge of his internship explore the rooms in search of killing time entertaining experiences, trespassing the limits of their duty in Clara Picasso's El pasante.

Back to Europe, Rellumes also includes the Romanian film Morgen (Jury Special Prize in Locarno), a singular comedy directed by Marian Crisan (his shortfilm Megatron won the Palm D'Or in Cannes). Nelu is a security guard in a supermarket, he lives in a borderline village between Romania and Hungary called Salonta. While fishing in a nearby river Nelu catches a rare specimen, a Turkish immigrant. The guard gives him shelter and tells him that he'll get to his destination tomorrow ("morgen").

Rellumes Special Competition includes one Spanish film, Daniel Vázquez Villamediana'sLa vida sublime, "an approximation to the frontier concept: between north and south, reality and imagination, soberness and craziness". A tribute to the Spanish dictatorship's lost generation in which men and women weren't able to fulfill their dreams, centered on the trip of a young man that starts in his Tierra de Campos home land and heads to the south of the peninsula.

Sang-soo Hong participates for the first time in Gijon Film Festival with his comedy Oki´s Movie. One of the fathers of Korean New Cinema keeps on searching for a that transgressor style that helps him trespass the conventional rules in a three way love story involving a film student, a professor and a former classmate. A new pirouette of the unclassifiable author that won Un Certain Regard Award in Cannes' last Edition with the movie Ha ha ha.

After a good participation in Berlin and Venice, Woo Ming Jin has won the tag of "Asian filmmaking promise". Gijon Film Festival audience will have the chance to discover his latest movie The Tiger Factory, contestant in Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Ping Ping is a 19 years old Malaysian teenager that finds herself in a complicated situation. She works halftime cleaning a pig farm, and halftime washing dishes in a filthy restaurant. To top her bad luck, her aunt pushes her in a clandestine business. But the young girl will not abandon hope and she'll try to get enough money to reach a more promising future in Japan.

Last but not least, Tobias Lindholm and Michael Noer(contestant in last year's edition of Gijon Film Festival with his documentary The Wild Hearts) bring to the city the film that made Rotterdam and Buenos Aires spectators go breathless: R. These Danish filmmakers enter the permissive prison system of their country to show the barbarities committed by the convicts and tell the story of Rune, a quiet boy that'll have to fight a hostile atmosphere where bars cover the walls and blood floods the floors. A cycle in which nobody is essential, full of faceless and nameless beings that are defined with a single letter.