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Live concerts will complete the Film programme in the "Desorden y Concierto" section


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Nacho Vegas and Christina Rosenvinge and 2Many DJ's to perform during Gijón Film Festival. section "Desorden y Concierto" will screen features such as "Copacabana", "LT22 Radio La Colifata", "Sonic Mirror" and "Girls Rock"

The 45th Edition of Gijón International Film Festival will offer a varied programme of concerts, including artists such as Nacho Vegas and Christina Rosenvinge, who will present Verano fatal, the result of their recent collaboration; 2Many DJ's, acclaimed all over Europe for their original electronic sessions, in which they interweave some of the best tunes in contemporary pop music; James Taylor Quartet, a British referential band and promoters of the acid jazz scene, and Tulsa, one of the most promising groups in the Spanish independent music scene. The programme also includes, among others, The Boss Martians, with their excellent mix of punk and garage rock; These New Puritans, a British electronic indie-rock foursome; The Ettes, an American band under the wing of The White Stripes; Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules (poetry to hip-hop beats with some strokes of rock, pop and electronic music); and Wonderfool Cosmetics, a sophisticated group which combines pop with electronic sounds to take over the dancefloor. The gigs will be held each of the ten Festival nights, at Albéniz, Labcafé - Laboral Centro de Arte, Gato Tuerto and Oasis. The closing night concert will be announced later.

Always keen on the contemporary music scene, the section "Desorden y Concierto" will screen this year features such as "Copacabana" (Martín Rejtman, Argentina, 2006), an approach to the impressive festival which achieves the cultural, ancestral and mystical cohesion of Bolivian people. "Screamers" (Carla Garapedian, UK, 2006), a tour of System of a Down and their committed anti-war message; and "Girls Rock" (Shane King and Arne Johnson, USA, 2007), about a camp turned into a school of rock for girls where the teachers are some of the key figures in the American indie scene. Other titles to be screened are "LT22 Radio La Colifata" (Carlos Larrondo, Spain, 2007), with the collaboration of Manu Chao; "Sonic Mirror" (Mika Kaurismaki, Finland, 2007), which depicts three performances by legendary drummer and composer Billy Cogham; "Made in Jamaica" (Jerome Laperrousaz, France / USA, 2007), about the current music scene in Jamaica (a melting pot of rhythms, mixes and fussions); and "Scott Walker: 30 Century Man" (Stephen Kijak, USA /UK, 2006), devoted to one of the big names in music, Scott Walker and produced by David Bowie.



James Taylor Quartet (JTQ) is an absolutely referential British group, promoter of the acid jazz scene. Founded in 1985 by hammond hero -ex founding member of cult band The Prisoners- James Taylor, JTQ have recorded over forty records so far, out of which the first one (Mission Impossible, 1987) meant a real breakthrough in the groove scene. Some of their best-known songs are versions of film soundtracks which they rediscover with their original sound ("Mission Impossible", "Blow Up", "Mrs. Robinson" or "Theme from Starsky & Hutch"…), as well as the vibrant "Love Will Keep Us Together". Pure energy on stage to present the two albums they have released this same year: Picking Up Where We Left Off and Don't Mess With Mr T. Including twelve renditions of Motown classics.

Official web site:


Tulsa, the band led by Basque Miren Iza, is one of the most important and promising groups in the Spanish independent music scene. Their debut, Sólo me has rozado (Subterfuge Records) has been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in the Best New Artist and for the MTV European Music Awards (EMA), in the category New Sounds of Europe, to be given out on 1st November in Munich. The group started his career in 2006 with their first four-song EP, published by Madrid record company Lucinda, with a style influenced by folk and American rock.


The Dewaele brothers, Steven and David Dewaele, along with Stefaan Van Leuven and Inge Flipts make up the band Soulwax. Before 2Many Dj's came about, the group debuted in 1996 with the record Leave The Story Untold (1996) produced by Chris Goss, a springboard to the success they found with their third work Any Minute Now (2004), which combines techno pop, post-rock and electro-punk. The Dewaele brothers, now with 2Many Dj's, fill up the dancefloor with their original and varied sessions, in which they include some of the best tunes in contemporary pop music. In 2002 they started publishing a series of albums entitled "As Heard On Radio Soulwax", inspired by their radio sessions under the same title: in their seven records, they have brought together with enormous talent songs by such disparate artists as Led Zeppelin, The Chemical Brothers or Prince, they are considered the creators of the most famous bootlegs in electronic music, brave enough to mix in their creations Michael Jackson and Prodigy, Nivana and Britney Spears or Beck and Kylie Minogue.

Their most recent record Nite Versions includes new and different remixes of their third work, as well as new compositions and a revision of Daft Punk's "Teachers" , which we will be able to listen to on Saturday 24th at Centro de Arte de La Laboral, followed by a 2 Many Dj's session.

Official web site:


Guitarist Evan Foster and keyboardist NickC met in their teens and have always shared a passion for garage and punk. With The Boss Martians they have achieved a brilliant combination of punk and rock garage which reminds us of The Sonics.


These New Puritans is a British foursome whose most distinctive characteristic is their powerful live performances. His electronic indie rock is influenced by Franz Ferdinand and The Claxons. The young group has managed to find the support of a faithful audience in a few years, and will be releasing their first album: "Beat Pyramid" at the beginning of next year, with the prestigious English record company Dominion. The night will move on to Asturian rock and roll with Helltrip, the winners of the latest demo competition of the 40 Principales radio station.


One of the longest awaited concerts will be Nacho Vegas with Cristina Rosenvinge, which have just released their joint album Verano fatal: a work full of freshness and spontaneity composed in just two weeks. They will play the seven songs of this album (which was recorded in Gijón), as well as some other songs from their previous works. Christina Rosenvinge started her career in the 80's (first with Ella y los neumáticos and later with Álex de la Nuez), and made a name for herself with Christina y Los Subterráneos. Since 1997 she has recorded 5 solo albums, which place her as a reference in the independent pop-rock scene. Nacho Vegas, for his part, has become an absolute icon in the national independent circuit, thanks to his intimistic music in which lyrics are fundamental. He has authored eight solo records, apart from the compilation Canciones Inexplicables (2001-2005), in 2006 he recorded with Enrique Bunbury "El tiempo de las cerezas", an album which also led on to their sharing stage.


Delorean debuted in 2001 with Silhouettes, followed by Delorean. The group has evolved from pop to 80's dance music in their EP The Metropolitan Death. In 2006 they published 'Into the Plateau' (Gssh! Gssh! Records), an album which keeps to this line and adopts a post-punk attitude. They have established himself in the music scene and taken part in the most important summer festivals. The Basque foursome will present their irresistible tunes in a concert which will include their new single As time breaks off.

Asturian duo Chiquita y Chatarra will perform as a cover act for Delorean, after sharing the stage with groups such as Black Lips or Manta Ray. This is a female rock and roll group, full of power and strength. Only two members, bass player and vocalist who deliver exquisite live performances where the audience enjoy a rhythmic, solid and aggresive show.


The Ettes is an American rock group mentored by The White Stripes, with influences from Ramones and Rolling Stones, as well as melodic country and garage rock. Last year they published their first album, Shake the Dust, well-received by critics and audience alike, which has already led on to the publication of their second one. Thanks to their provocative attitude and despite their short career, they already have numerous fans all over the world. A good chance to find out if they are one of this year's hypes or a solid young band.

For their part, The Right Ons started off in 2006 with Rafa Fernández and Ramiro Nieto (Jet Lag) along with Álvaro Guzmán and Juan Rodo.

Their live acts, close to Soul, Rock, Psychedelia and funk with influences from James Brown, Little Barrie, Jon Spencer or Sly and the Family Stones, transport the audience to the atmosphere of a Californian garage club thanks to their rhythm, the strong bass lines and the acid guitar playing.


Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules: poetry with hip-hop rhythms and some strokes of rock, pop and electronic music. Marc Barrachina "Facto", Oscar Daniello "Delafé" and Helena Miquel "Las Flores Azules" make up this group from Barcelona which came into the scene in 2005 with their album Vs. El Monstruo de las Ramblas. After working with Bigas Luna in the soundtrack of Yo Soy La Juani, they come back now with their work La Luz de la Mañana.

Wonderfool Cosmetics will present their record of the same name, published by Red División. The irony of their lyrics, along with some pop music with electronic undertones and underground style add up to their sophistication on the dance floor.


Copacabana (Martín Rejtman, Argentina, 2006), an approach to the impressive yearly musical, religious and mystical festival which has the Bolivian community of Argentina flocking to Buenos Aires to celebrate their Patron Saint's Day, Our Lady of Copacabana.

Screamers (Carla Garapedian, UK, 2006), System of a Down (SOAD) on tour, they are famous for the alternative metal sounds and their militant anti-system songs. Their Armenian origins make them the main characters of this documentary on the horrors of genocide.

Girls Rock (Shane King and Arne Johnson, USA, 2007), a camp turned into a rock school for girls where the teachers are Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) or Beth Ditto (The Gossip), who has made of her homosexuality and obesity objects of alternative beauty.

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Stephen Kijak, USA /UK, 2006), devoted to one of the big names in music, Scott Walker, produced by David Bowie, from his beginnings in the 60's with The Sunset Strip or The Walker Brothers, on to his contributions to film soundtracks ("Pola X" de Leo Carax, or the final credits of the James Bond film "The world is not enough") and some exclusive footage of the recording of his latest record (The Drift).

LT22 Radio La Colifata (Carlos Larrondo, Spain, 2007), the patients of the Pyschiatric Hospital JT Borda in Buenos Aires broadcast through their own radio station to the whole world. Songs and production by Manu Chao.

Sonic Mirror (Mika Kaurismaki, Finland, 2007), legendary drummer and composer Billy Cogham in three performances: in Finland before jazz devotees, before some Brazilian children on the street and at a Swiss institution for autistic adults.

Made in Jamaica (Jerome Laperrousaz, France / USA, 2007), the current music scene in Jamaica is a melting pot of rhythms, mixes and fussions; from reggae culture and its messianic nuances still drawing on Bob Marley, to the new talents: Toots Hibbert, Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailers, Third World, Elephant Man, Lady Saw...