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Registration still open for the Enfants Terribles section


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Poster Enfants
Enfants Terribles to premiere 15 feature films for children and teenagers
The ENFANTS TERRIBLES section comprises international productions on various subjects on which to reflect and disscuss in the classroom: immigration, bullying, delinquence, music, the power of street culture and the new visions on fantastic films. The selection of films is reinforced by the cooperation of professionals in the fields of education, psychology, paedagogy and philosophy. The films are recommended by age groups and taking as reference the age classification given by the Ministries of Culture and/or Education of their countries of origin. In this year's edition, the films are divided into two age categories, films aimed at children 6 to 12 years of age and 13 and above, which will award a 10,000 euros cash prize for each category. The children and teenagers who attend the screenings will decide with their votes the winning films.




Director: Kenneth Bi.
Country: China/Hong Kong /Taiwan/Alemania | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 119 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Thursday 29 / 12:15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Sid, the son of a Hong Kong mob boss, is forced to flee to the mountains of Taiwan. There he meets the members of a small community devoted to perfect body and mind through rigorous physical training. They are also virtuous zen drummers, an ancient art from China. Sid becomes one more in this community until one day he learns that his family is fighting a rival gang and needs him. Sid will have to choose between loyalty to his own kin and the value system he has just learned.



Q&A with the director pending confirmation.

Director: Shane Meadows.
Country: UK | Year: 2006 | Running Time: 101 min.
Age classification: 15 and above.

Screening: Monday 26th / 12:15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

1983, Margaret Thatcher is in power and it has already been a year since she won the Falklands war. Shaun, a 12-year-old boy, lost his father in that war. Shaun feels lonely, gets into trouble at school, fights with his mother… On the verge of chaos, he finds friendship, solidarity and a sense to his life in his new group of friends. They are an urban tribe with a punk spirit which laughs at the strict and unimaginative British society. But everything changes when a former member of the group is released from jail and tries to instil racist ideas into them.


Q&A with the director pending confirmation

Director: Justin Edgar.
Country: UK | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 80 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Tuesday 27th / 09.30 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Jasper is a failed film director. His career consists of a short with which he took part in a festival… and never won. Now he is in charge of the audiovisuals workshop for disabled teenagers. They start off on the wrong foot: he shows them his short as a practical lesson on film fiction and he gets nothing but appalling criticism. Day in, day out, the classroom is a battlefield until they finally agree on something: going on an outing to shoot a film. The crew is made up of a grumpy man and a bunch of moody teenagers on wheelchairs shooting the film which will change their lives forever right in the middle of the English countryside.



Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Dusan Milic.
Country: Serbia | Year: 2006 | Running Time: 94 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Friday 23rd / 12.15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

In the Balkans, music is queen and trumpeters are kings. Gucha is a Serbian village which stops dead every year on occasion of its now famous World Championship of Bands of Trumpets. An ancient rivalry between Serbian and Gypsy musicians becomes all the more obvious during each edition of the competition. This year's edition will see that rivalry come to its pinnacle when Romeo, a young gypsy boy and Juliana, a Serbian girl, fall in love. Their love will have to face the animosity and hatred of their families: Romeo and Juliana's fathers not only hate each other, but they have been competing each other with their respective bands.


Director: Lars Kraume.

Country: Germany | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 90 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Friday 30th / 11:00 h. / Cines Centro.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Michael Grothe is a young Literature teacher at a Berlin secondary school, and what sets him apart from the rest of his colleagues is that he has not thrown in the towel yet. He is still fighting to snatch them back from apathy and conformism, their insolence, cruel pranks, wicked deeds. Nico is the blackest sheep in the class and poses the biggest challenge for Grothe. The teacher looks beyond his boasting mask, which hides nothing but his rootlessness, his rage and an enormous creative potential. What Grothe does not know is that Nico is three steps away from the edge and still walking.



Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Ilmar Raag.
Country: Estonia | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 99 min.
Age classification: 15 and above.

Screening: Monday 26th / 11:00 h. / Cines Centro
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Joseph is quiet, introverted, hopeless at sports, different, weird. All this turns him into the perfect scapegoat for the bullies at his school. While humiliation and sadism escalate, Joseph's life becomes more unbearable. And then, along comes Kaspar, an unexpected friend, an ally. Now he is not alone anymore. Now there are two of them and they want revenge, because the meek are fed up. Because they are coldly and conscientiously planning their revenge.



Director: Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine.
Country: USA | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 105 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Friday 30th / 12:15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version in English, Spanish subtitles.

Rose, Dominic and Nancy are three teenagers who, along with thousands of other Ugandese students, travel to the capital, Kampala, to take part in the important yearly contest of music and dance. They represent the school of Patongo refugee camp, the only home they have ever known. Rose, Dominic and Nancy sing and dance to forget that there is not much in store for them, that they live off international charity and above all, to get over the horror of having survived the murder of their families. Beside, Dominic not only saw his own family die, he himself had to kill: he, just like more than half of the boys in his class, has been a child soldier.



Director: Tata Amaral.
Country: Brazil | Year: 2006 | Running Time: 90 min.
Age classification: 13 and above.

Screening: Thursday 29th / 11:00 h. / Cines Centro.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Four rapper girls who have been born and raised in the outskirts of Sâo Paulo, four survivors. The name of their group is Antonia, because that Latin name means what they are: invaluable, priceless, warriors, glorious. Not only have they fought against poverty and violence, also against sexism. They eventually find a manager who takes them seriously and they begin to put on shows in bars and parties. And, then, again, things take a turn for the worst when one of the girls ends up in jail after mortally wounding a man who tried to rape her.



Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Thomas François / Bernard Declercq.
Country: Belgium | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 82 min.
Age classification: 15 and above

Screening: Wednesday 28th / 09.30 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version in French, Spanish subtitles.

Seb is 16 and he knows that his parents got rid of him by giving him away in adoption. He is not legally old enough to find out about his biological father, but he manages to find out his name: Pierre Mertens. Seb gets in touch with all listed under that name in the phone book and finally decides of his own accord that there is Pierre Mertens he quite likes to be his father. It is a fascinating character, an outsider who manages a climbing school by day and is a professional gambler by night.

AGES 6 TO 12:



Q&A with the director pending confirmation

Director: Ben Sombogarrt.
Country: Holland / Belgium / Luxemburg / Germany
Year: 2006 | Running Time: 90 min.
Age classification: 9 and above.

Screening: Friday 30th / 09:30 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version in English, Spanish subtitles.

Dolf is a fifteen-year-old boy who plays in a football team. After a particularly humiliating defeat, he decides to use a time machine to go back in time and win the match. The machine gets the date all wrong and Dolf turns up in 1212, right at the moment when thousands of children and teenagers were leaving for Jerusalem to fight the Muslims in the name of Christianity. This incredible odyssey has gone down in history as The Children's Crusade.



Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Ole Bornedal.
Country: Denmark| Year: 2007 | Running Time: 90 min.
Age classification: 10 and above.

Screening: Friday 23rd / 09:30 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

The new 6th grade teacher has convinced the parents of her students that she is perfect for the job. When the door of her classroom closes she stops pretending. The fact that she is more evil than Snow White's stepmother crossed with an Ork does not really matter. There is something worse: she can read their minds. And there is something even worse than the worst: she does not seem human. And if she is not human, which is her mission on Earth? What is she planning to do by taking them to a school contest in France? And above all: how do you fight an alien?


Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Catti Edfeldt , Ylva Gustavson.
Country: Sweden | Year: 2006 | Running Time: 96 min.
Age classification: 7 and above.

Screening: Thursday 29th / 09:30 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Amina has lived with her grandfather in Sweden since she was three years old. Now her grandad has died without legalising their situation. Amina is alone and undocumented, she could be expelled from the country at any time. Then she meets a young musician, his girlfriend and their group of friends, a series of most peculiar characters. They will become her new family and will help her in her struggle to remain in Sweden. With them, Amina will discover an unconventional way of life, free from prejudice and most importantly, she will learn that you can enjoy life with no money.



Director: Nikolaj Arcel.
Country: Denmark \ Year: 2007 | Running Time: 100 Min.
Age classification: 10 and above.

Screening: Wednesday 28th / 12.15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

Lulú is fourteen and has just moved with her mother and her brother to a small village by the sea. She is so bored that she prays for something to happen, just about anything. And it does: a soul which has grieved for two centuries materialises in a sphere of light and takes over her brother's body. Lulú struggles to set him free and finds an ally in Richard, an eccentric inventor and parapsychologist. He knows that powerful supernatural forces have got loose on the village in an attempt to assume control of the world and throw it into a kingdom of shadows and evil.



Q&A with the director confirmed.

Director: Marco Villamizar, Eric Gutierrez, Frederic Lafitte-Mattalas.
Country: France |Year: 2006 | Running Time: 80 min.
Age classification: 6 and above.

Screening: Monday 26th / 10:00 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

The instruments which used to make up the great orchestra of Planet Music have fallen into chaos. They do not harmonise or play together. Everything started when the keys of G, F and C went mysteriously missing. The instruments blame each other for this disappearance. Piccolo, a wood instrument and Sax, a brass one, will be in charge of setting off on a mission to rescue the keys. These have been stolen by a wicked musician, intent on building the most perfect of musical instruments.



Director: Thomas Guilou.
Country: France | Year: 2007 | Running Time: 124 Min.
Age classification: 10 and above.

Screening: Tuesday 27th / 12:15 h. / Teatro Jovellanos.
Original version, Spanish subtitles.

1960 and France is fighting Algeria to try and stop it from becoming independent. Racist feelings are blooming among the French people. It is in this setting that Georges and Gisèle Duvailly, a couple living in a small village, are expecting the arrival of their foster son. And he turns out to be called Messaoud, 9 years old, born in Algeria, very dark-skinned and a Muslim. Gisèle will do anything to protect the boy, even turning Messaoud into Michel, dyeing his hair blonde and changing his religion, even his country of origin.

Parallel activites to complement the screenings:

Didactic Guide

This guide presents the didactic key points of the films and will be forwarded to the schools once they have booked their seats. Published in collaboration with El Comercio newspaper.

Film Jobs

In collaboration with Ciudad Tecnológica Valnalón, this is a ground-breaking career advice activity aimed at students of 2nd Cycle ESO, Bachillerato and Vocational Training. This project combines pannel discussions on specific subjects with the production of multimedia materials and the edition of magazines and workbooks. In the case of those discussions to take place before the screenings, filmmaking professionals talk to the students to tell them what their jobs are about (description and requirements) and the reasons why they decided to work in film industry. The films involved in this project are Gucha and War Dance.


Activity presented by Espacio de Creación y Didáctica. Film workshops are based on the comprehension, analysis and creation. Its methodology is specific and adapted to each age group. In these didactic classrooms, children and teenagers become active viewers and analyse, understand, express and create, that way setting off an expositive journey with images, texts, documents and games on each film, taking into account the plot, the characters, the narrative language; this expositive environment will be enriched with the plastic works of the children and teenagers taking part in the workshop.


- Becoming acquainted with filmic language.

– Analysing and reflecting on the film through the knowledge of narrative forms and contents.

- Fostering the creation of stories and characters from personal experiences

- Fostering the understanding of the creative act.

- Analysis of filmic language, dramatic structure and the building of characters

- Creation of a space where to reflect, channel, comment, play and exchange ideas


These Q&A's take place with limited attendance at the Public Library, only 200 m. away from Teatro Jovellanos and offer a direct contact between the students and the director; they are lively and spontaneous exchanges of ideas, questions and suggestions.

NOTE: these two last activities requiere previous booking, See enclosed information.

The promotional leaflet, which will be forwarded to all the schools in Asturias, and the booking forms can be downloaded here:

- Promotional Leaflet

- General information on reservations

- Payment form