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Atom Egoyan and Mychael Danna are to attend the Festival to present Adoration


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Atom Egoyan
The Festival adds a new Spanish film to its Official Selection: Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán.

Estíbaliz Gabilondo is to present the opening night gala and Julián López and Raúl Cimas the closing night gala.
The 46th Annual Gijón International Film Festival to be held November 20-29 counts on the attendance of an exceptional guest: Canadian-Armenian filmmaker Atom Egoyan, one of the cinema´s most important and interesting figures of the last 25 years. Egoyan is to meet the audience for the screening of his last film, Adoration. The spectators will have the opportunity to talk with the filmmaker about his most recent work. Together with Egoyan, the Canadian composer Mychael Danna is also to attend the Festival. Soundtrack composer to Little Miss Sunshine has worked on numerous occasions with the filmmaker, now resident in Toronto. The collaboration between them lasts sixteen years: the last eight feature films, including Adoration, two short films and a TV work. A brilliant creative pair that will leave their mark at the Festival and especially on the audience.

Just from his early works Egoyan stood out for the originality of his sensual, perfectionist and reflexive films. He has been nominated for a Hollywood Oscar in two different categories for his film Sweet Hereafter, has gone in for the Golden Palm on five occasions at Cannes and has been awarded numerous prizes at Festivals worldwide. From Exótica on, FIPRESCI winner at Cannes 1999, he made a name for himself with Felicia's Journey, an exploration of the personalities' most obscure areas. In 2003 he released Ararat about search for truth, whose plot is closely connected with the Turkish Armenian genocide and recognized by many as his most controversial film up to now. Other films by Egoyan are The Adjuster, Speaking Parts or Family Viewing.

Adoration is the film to be screened at Gijon, a story about family relationships and the power that the Internet exercises on young people. A debate between the physical and the virtual, past and present. Inside the Festival programme, the film belongs to the Esbilla section that includes a selection of the year's most interesting titles.

The appointment with Egoyan and Danna, a unique opportunity for film lovers is to be held on Saturday 22 from 16:30. The entry is free until seating capacity is complete.

Mychael Danna was born in Canada in 1958 and is considered one of the most versatile and original talents in the field of music composition for cinema. His reputation has led him to work with directors such as Atom Egoyan, Catherine Hardwicke, Scott Hicks, Ang Lee, Gilles MacKinnon, James Mangold, Bennett Miller, Mira Nair, Billy Ray, Joel Schumacher and Denzel Washington. He studied music composition at the University of Toronto and was given a Glenn Gould music composition scholarship in 1985. Soundtracks to Locos por el Surf, Crimen Prefecto, Natividad, La Historia or his work for the TV series Medium are some of his latest works. He was nominated for a Grammy in 2006 for his soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine.

Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán

In 1994, nineteen-year-old Andrés Rabadán killed his father with a crossbow and shocked the Spanish public opinion. In 2005, Andrés is still locked in at a psychiatric facility. He has ceased to receive medication years ago, yet doctors have not reached an agreement about his pathology, supposing there is one, and about the likeliness of his rehabilitation. He does not feel he is sick, and yet, the authorities have continuedly refused to change his prison status. A psychiatrist named Sarah arrives at the institution at and encourages Rabadán to change his attitude and undergo therapy, without meeting with much enthusiasm on his part. por su parte. However, the beginning of a relationship between Andrés and Carmen, a young janitor, convinces him of the fact that it is now time for his rehabilitation – at least in society's eyes. After his best friend Jordi kills himself in jail, Andrés assaults an officer and is placed in solitary confinement. Left without a chance of getting parole, he decides to run away, but he does not get far. The love of Carmen then becomes the touchstone upon which he will attempt to reconstruct his life.

Ventura Durall
Ventura Durall was born in 1974. He graduated in script writing from the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisual de Catalunya, and has directed several documentaries such as his debut, Tin, el hombre del río (1999), Borges i Sureda: Història d'una amistat, La Dama dels coloms, La grieta, and Hablemos del documental, in which directors such as Elias Querejeta, Joaquim Jordá, José Luis Guerín, Pere Portebella, and Javier Rioyo discuss the enre. Amazics a Catalunya (2004) and Isla Negra, Isla Blanca (2005) are his latest documentaries. Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán is his feature film debut.

Openign night gala

Estíbaliz Gabilondo
Although she had worked as actress she became famous for being the first woman reporter in Caiga quien Caiga to substitute Gonzo in the proteste ya section, which changed the show aesthetics. She has worked as actress in several short films and has directed other two. Each of them have brought her nominations for the Kino prizes, awarded by the University of Navarra. She has taken part in films such as Casual day, El calentito and Slam. Her activity as actress is completed with TV series such as Amar en tiempos revueltos, A tortas con la vida, Hospital central, Policías, Esto no es serio and Killer Dema. She has worked as reporter in Puntodoc, Antena 3 and has also worked on street theatre with the company Kontadores.

Closing gala

Julián López
Actor, comedian, musician and TV presenter, he was born in Cuenca and has worked for five years in La hora Chanante together with Ernesto Sevilla and other actors, as well as in other comedy shows such as Smonka, Nuevos Cómicos, Noche sin Tregua or Noche Hache. He works at present in Muchachada Nui, where he is both actor and screenwriter. In his later years at University he became friend with many of his present show colleages such as Ernesto Sevilla, Raúl Cimas and Joaquín Reyes. He has also worked on several short films such as Videoclub, Eyeballs, La gran revelación, El factor dorsal and on cinema in Estirpe de Bribones. He has also worked sporadically as actor in some TV series such as Aída or La familia Mata.

Raúl Cimas
Comedian, actor and screenwriter, he studied Arts as well as his colleagues Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla. He began working on theatre and was later engaged by the Paramount Comedy Channel. On the Tv show La hora Chanante, he interprets several historic characters and many other secondary roles. Apart from his work as Andreu Buenafuente´s collaborator, he has been part of the country's most important stand up comedy tours, such as El Club de la comedia presenta: Noches de cómicos, Las Noches de Paramount Comedy or Có He has also taken part in the film Tapas by José Corbacho and Juan Cruz. He appears in the Muchachada Nui show from September 2007.

International Jury

Julia Loktev
Julia Lotke was born in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in 1969 but at the age of nine her family moved to the United States. She studied filming at the University of New York. Moment of impact was her debut documentary film, edited and recorded on her own. The documentary was awarded several prizes, including Best Director at Sundance, the Great Prize at The Paris Cinema du Reél or for Best documentary at Karlovy Vary. This work belongs to the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. She directed her first film in 2006, Day Night Day Night, which was awarded the Miradas Jóvenes Prize at Cannes Directors Fortnight, the ouvre d´Or at Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, the prize for Best Director at Chicago and the Someone to watch prize at the Independent Spirit Awards. Julia Loktev has made some video exhibits at the Tate Modern in London, P.S. 1 in New York, the Haus der Kunst in Munich, the Mito Art Tower in Japan or the Bienal in Valencia.

Alex Brendemühl
Alex Brendemühl was born in Barcelona in 1972. He was trained for an actor at the Teatre de Barcelona and after that he began his theatre and TV career. He began to make himself a noun after starring Las horas del día by Jaime Rosales. After that, his roles in En la ciudad (2003) by Cesc Gay, inconscientes (2004) by Joaquín Oristrell, Remake (2006) by Roger Guall or El silencio antes de Bach (2007) by Pere Portabella have strengthened his career. He is also co-screenwriter to Yo (2007), where he played the leading role and which was awarded the San Jordi prize at the Tolouse Festival for best actor. Lo bueno de llorar (2006) by Matías Bize, die Liebe der Kinder by Franz Müller and Las dos vidas de Andrén Rabadán (2008) by Ventura Durall have been his latest leading roles.

Sergio Wolf
Was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. He is a critic, teacher, film screenwriter and producer. He studied Media at the University of Buenos Aires, he is the author and collector of the books Cine Argentino, La otra historia (1992) and Nuevo Cine Argentino (2004) and as only author, Cine7Literatura. He is at present preparing his book la ficción documental. He has also written screenplays to Zapada (2002) y La felicidad (un día de campo) (2002), both by Raúl Perrone, as well as los de Encarnación (2007) by Anahí Berneri and Extranjera (2007) by Inés de Oliveira Cézar. He works at present on the screenplay to el fiordo by the Chilenean filmmaker Cristián Leighton. He has directed the documentary Yo no se qué me han hecho tus ojos (2003) together with Lorena Muñoz and the documentary trilogy Ritos de frontera (2002) together with Alejo Taube. He has also directed the documentary Los destiladores de naranjas (2004) and the second long documentary Las orillas (2007/08). He is about to begin third documentary in 2009: El color que cayó del cielo. He is art director from 2007 at BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival)

Hannes Stöhr
Hannes Stöhr was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1970. He studied European law at Passau University, and in those years he began directing short films. In 1995 he enrolled at the German Film Academy to study film direction and script writing. His first feature film was Berlin is in Germany (2001), which received the Panorama selection award at the Berlin Festival and a special mention at the Valencia (Spain) Cinema Jove. In 2005 he directed One Day in Europe, which was entered in competition in the official selection at Berlin. His most recent film as a director is Berlin Calling (2008)

Malena Alterio
Malena Alterio was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires. When she was just a few months old her family moved to Spain. She studied performance at Cristina Rota school and her first role was for El Palo (2000). She was nominated the next year for the Goya awards for Best New Actress according to the Academia de Televisión Española. In addition to this work, Torremolinos 73 (2003) and Las voces de la noche (2004). She became famous thanks to the TV series Aquí no hay quien viva, where she played the role for Belén for four years. Thanks to this character she was awarded the prize for Best secondary actress of the Unión de Actores in 2004, a candidacy for the Fotogramas de Plata in 2005 the Prize for Best Actress according to the Spanish TV Academy in 2005. In 2008 she plays Tio Vania by Antón Chejov in Madrid and premieres in August of the same year Una palabra tuya by Ángeles Gonzáles-Sinde as main actresss.

Documentary Films Jury
Elena Oroz, Dario Oliveira, Claudio Utrera

Ruediger Suchsland, Joan Millaret Valls, Maja Volk

Shorts Jury
Eva Hache, Tom Fernández y Carlos J. Plaza