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International title Taboo
Section Universo Media - 42 edición
Country Estados Unidos
Year 1931
Running time 84
Director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, Robert Flaherty
Screenplay Robert J. Flaherty, F. W. Murnau, Edgar G. Ulmer
Film Editing Arthur A. Brooks
Photography Floyd Crosby, Robert J. Flaherty
Music Hugo Riesenfeld, Frédéric Chopin, Bedrich Smétana

Murnau-Flaherty Productions, Paramount Pictures


Life on the south sea island Bora Bora is sweet, slow and unaffected by covetousness. The natives fish, dive for pearls and coral, adorn themselves with flowers and frolic about. Matahi loves Reri, but tradition demands a pure maid as a sacred symbol and Reri is the chosen one. No man is allowed to touch her, she becomes tabu. The lovers flee from paradise and find shelter in a neighbouring island already colonised by the white man. Reri disappears. Desperate, he dives in the forbidden lagoon where the pearls are guarded by a shark.