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Turtles Can Fly

Las Tortugas También Vuelan
International title Lakposhtha Ham Parvaz Mikonand
Section Esbilla - 42 edición
Country Irán, Irak
Year 2004
Running time 98
Director Bahman Ghobadi
Screenplay Bahman Ghobadi
Film Editing Mustafa Kherqepush, Haydeh Safi-Yari
Photography Shahram Assadi
Music Hossein Alizadeh
Producer Mij Film Co.

Distribution Company Alta Films

Synopsis The border between Iraq and Turkey is the land of Kurdish refugees. That’s where the quiet One-Armed boy, his sister and her child have run away to. There’s also Kak Stellite, a pragmatic, though deep-down altruistic, hustler who possesses two invaluable skills: a few phrases in English and some rudimentary notions in satellite dish installation. This archaic world gets news from the outside through the screen, the rumours of impending war: USA is about to invade Iraq.