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International title Männer Wie Wir
Section Enfants Terribles - 42 edición
Country Alemania
Year 2004
Running time 101
Director Sherry Hormann
Screenplay Benedigt Gollhardt
Film Editing Eva Schnare
Photography Hanno Lentz
Music Martin Todsharow
Producer Hager Moss Film GmbH

Synopsis Ecky is under the goalpost to try and stop the decisive penalty in the last game his team is playing in the regional league. And he doesn’t. If he was Casillas, Barthez or Kahn, the supporters would excuse it as a momentary lapse, or better still, the result of a busy night entertaining models. As we’re talking about Ecky here and the whole town have just found out he’s gay, the long-running prejudice: “gay men know nothing about football” sentences him to ostracism. But Ecky won’t surrender, and so he starts scouting talents to set up the first gay football team in history. Moreover, he will prove that, when playing football, skill and talent are better than testosterone, just as being ballsy on the field is better than merely bragging about it.