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Petite Chérie (Little Sweetheart)

International title Petite Chérie
Country Francia
Year 2000
Running time 106
Director Anne Villacècque
Screenplay Anne Villacècque
Producer 3b Productions / Tadrart Films 83, rue Bobillot 75013 París Francia T. 331 43 13 10 60 F. 331 43 13 10 66 E.
Distribution Company 3b Productions / Tadrart Films
Synopsis Sybille is almost thirty and still hasn´t done away with her virginity. She isn´t too pretty, works in a bank, lives with her parents and is bored to tears. And one day, he comes along, they rub against each other on the train and the game starts. Victor is good-looking, charismatic, well-dressed, an articulate speaker. Sybille gives him the category of Prince Charming and introduces him to her parents. They were already despairing she would ever get married, so they welcome him, although he is not what he seems, because Victor, after captivating the whole family, starts mutating: a sponger, selfish, cruel, abusive, untruthful, idiotic.