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Sounds of Silence

International title Sounds of Silence
Country Irán, Gran Bretaña, Alemania
Year 2006
Running time 86
Director Amir Hamz, Mark Lazarz
Film Editing Stefano Aiello, Amir Hamz, Mark Lazarz
Photography Marek Kowalek
Producer Amir Hamzc/o MME GmbHGotzkowskystr.20/21 Berlin 10555 Alemania T. 49 30 52 00 76 145 F. 49 40 65 600 37 E.
Distribution Company Amir Hamzc/o MME GmbHGotzkowskystr. 20/21 Berlin 10555 Alemania T. 49 30 52 00 76 145 F. 49 40 65 600 37 E.
Synopsis Under the silence and the veils of a monotheist theocracy called Iran where over 65% of the population is under 25, there is a bubbling clandestine, underground culture led by young people who create, produce and distribute their own music. And their favoured rhythms are rock and even rap and their inspiration, curiously enough, lies in the Koran and in the golden years of Persian culture, in revered mystical poets and philosophers who the regime prefers to keep in the dark.