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Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms
International title Twentynine Palms
Section Bruno Dumont - 44 edición
Country Francia, Alemania, Estados Unidos
Year 2003
Running time 119
Screenplay Bruno Dûmont
Film Editing Dominique Pétrot
Photography Georges Lechaptois
Producer 3B Productions

The 7th Floor

Thoke Moebius Film Company
Distribution Company Pyramide International
Synopsis David, a freelance photographer and Katia, his unemployed girlfriend, travel to Los Angeles crossing the Californian desert. Somewhere along the way, they are captivated by the perfect place for a front cover picture, they are near 29 Palms, a dusty, almost ghostly town. They explore the nameless, deserted surroundings until they come across a human group who rapes, steals and hits.