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Los Muertos

International title Los Muertos
Section Lisandro Alonso - 44 edición
Country Argentina, Francia, Holanda, Suiza
Year 2004
Running time 78
Screenplay Lisandro Alonso
Film Editing Lisandro Alonso, Ezequiel Borovinsky
Photography Cobi Migliora
Producer 4L (Argentina) Fortuna Films

Slot Machine
E. Arte France Cinéma
Distribution Company 4L
Synopsis Argentino Vargas is released from jail alter paying his debt for the murders he committed. Some treats in the shape of hamburgers and wine, a paid shag, a promise fulfilled and eventually, the journey. Walking among the chirrup of birds and the water stirred by the rows in a territory out of Conrad's darkness, to get to his destination, to find a daughter he spawned and can hardly remember.