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El caballo de Winky

International title Winky's Horse
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country Bélgica, Holanda
Year 2005
Running time 95
Director Mischa Kamp
Screenplay Tamara Bos
Film Editing Sander Vos
Photography Lennert Hillege
Producer Bos Bros Film & TV Productions E. info@bosbros.n MMG Film & TV Productions
Distribution Company Bos Bros Film & TV Productions
Synopsis Winky Wong is six years old and adores horses. He has arrived from China with his parent to set up a restaurant in a small Dutch town. They can't buy her the horse she wants, but Christmas is coming, Winky hears about a certain Santa Claus for the first time, a character who must be a magician as he can grant you whatever you ask for, although you must write a letter to him and be good.
Director bio Born in Rotterdam in 1970, Mischa Kamp studied communications. From 1991 to 1996, she attended courses in screenwriting and directing at the School of Film and Television (NFTVA) in Amsterdam; she has since produced short films and programmes for children.