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Life and Lyrics

International title Life and Lyrics
Section Enfants Terribles - 44 edición
Country Reino Unido, Estados unidos
Year 2006
Running time 99
Director Richard Laxton
Screenplay Ken Williams
Film Editing Tracey Wadmore-Smith
Photography John Daly
Music Invisible Society, Dawaun Parker, Cami Grey
Producer Fiesta Productions
Distribution Company Beyond International
Synopsis The story of a Juliet called Carmen, a nice middle-class girl with an angel's voice who wants to become a lawyer, and Sale, the dj Romeo who wants to become a producer and gets by on selling records. It is well-known by now that the Capulets and the Montagues prevented that love in the past, whereas in the present it's the Motion Crew and the Hard Cash Crew the ones that just because they hate each other expect Carmen and Sale to do likewise. So these two groups, rivals and sworn enemies, slag each other every night on the stage with their angry, furiously-paced rhymes. And there are no rules, the speechless, ridiculed loser will have to clench his teeth and face the music, while Carmen and Sale start realising there is no future for them.
Director bio Laxton's directing career began with the short film I Bet It Will Rain, which premiered at the 37th London Film Festival in 1993. Laxton went on to gain substantial recognition directing drama for British television which included the BAFTA nominated television dramas The Riff Raff Element and Band Of Gold. Laxton went on to make several high profile TV drama's and was approached to lead direct Channel Five's first home grown drama series A Wing And A Prayer which won him a BAFTA nomination for Best Drama Series. Laxton then directed BBC's highly regarded Bodies and Outlaws. Most recently, he won great critical praise for Channel 4's Ghost Squad. Laxton is currently an executive producer on The Allotment. He is also developing a number of film projects including Mules, written by Ken Williams. Life & Lyrics is Richard Laxton's feature film debut.