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Seule avec la guerre

Seule avec la guerre
International title Seule avec la guerre
Country Francia, Bélgica, Líbano
Year 2000
Running time 60
Director Danielle Arbid
Screenplay Danielle Arbid
Film Editing Agnès Mouchel
Photography Isabelle Razavet
Music Vincent Epplay, Arvo Pärt, Fayrous
Producer Movimento Production
40, rue de Paradis
75010 París
T. 331 42 46 01 66
F. 331 42 46 02 70
Synopsis Lebanon, Danielle Arbid's country, was one of the most prosperous, open and cosmopolitan places in the world. From 1975 a 1990, it was ravaged by civil war. Danielle Arbid builds a harsh, uncompromising portrait with her own memories, her family photographs and conversations with fighters from both sides, a portrait of the Beirut which is trying to recover while denying the most macabre years of its history.