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Slepe lásky

Blind Loves
International title Blind Loves
Country Eslovaquia
Year 2008
Running time 77
Director Juraj Lehotský
Screenplay Juraj Lehotský, Marek Le¹cák
Film Editing Franti¹ek Krähenbiel
Photography Juraj Chlpík
Producer Artileria E.
Distribution Company


The very nature of love makes this feeling something already quite complicated in itself. But what happens to people who cannot see? Peter teaches music at a school for blind children. His large imagination builds a private universe with his wife in their tiny apartment. Elena is married to Maco. They are both blind and expecting a child. Miro is a gipsy and must fight for the approval of the parents of Monika, his girlfriend. Zuzka is fourteen and in her opinion the Internet is the perfect place for meeting boys. The four of them show us how you love when you cannot see

Director bio

Juraj Lehotský was born in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 1975. He studied photography at the School of Fine Arts and documentary film at the Musical Arts Academy, both in Bratislava. He has directed the documentary film Blind Loves (2008), as well as music videos and advertisements