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Oso Blanco

Oso Blanco
International title Oso Blanco
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2008
Running time 82
Director Christian Suau, Ramiro Millán
Screenplay Christian Suau, Ramiro Millán
Film Editing Christian Suau
Photography Willie Berrios
Music Millo Torres, Voltio, Harold Hopkins Miranela, Tite Curet Alonso, Luis Collazo

Buena Onda Americas, Tangran Films

Distribution Company

Ondamax films


Oso Blanco is the largest, most dangerous prison in the Caribbean. This is where the two biggest gangs in the Puerto Rico prison system where born: Asociation Ñeta and Los 27. Ángel Feliciano “El Jíbaro” is the most veteran inmate in the country’s jails: forty-eight years behind bars. El Jíbaro is the bodyguard of Carlos Torres Iriarte “La Sombra”, founder and leader of Asociation Ñeta, and he is also a mediator trying to preserve the unstable balance between the two gangs inside Oso Blanco. There are hundreds of murders and over seventy disappearances in the sinister history of this prison. César Flores has been its governor for over twenty years, and is connected to El Jíbaro by a very special bond. A unique filmic document before the prison’s imminent shutdown

Director bio

Christian Suau was born in 1977 in Puerto Rico. He dropped out of the university in order to shoot surfing, his great passion. His first films about this sport are Rabia Local and Bala. After finishing the documentary film Carlito’s Wave he enrolled at the New York Film Academy and the returned to Puerto Rico, where he founded Tangram Films, a production company specializing in publicity, music videos, and documentaries.

Ramiro Millán was born in Puerto Rico in 1971. His first film credit comes with the production of the feature film Assassins in 1994. He studied journalism and photography. Oso Blanco is his documentary film debut