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A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

La historia completa de mis fracasos sexuales
International title A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
Country Reino Unido
Year 2008
Running time 90
Director Chris Waitt
Film Editing Chris Dickens, Mark Atkins
Photography Steven Mochrie
Music Born Ruffians, Grizzly Bear
Web site

Warp X Productions

Film 4

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Film director Chris Waitt one day decides that something must change in his disastrous love life. All of his partners have left him, in every possible way – phone, e-mail, answering machine message; one of them even wrote a book in which the character of the boyfriend was brutally murdered. In order to achieve his goal and finally have a proper relationship with a nice girl he first needs to reflect upon the reasons that brought about the failure of all previous attempts. First, he must find them all, one by one, by means of detective-like work. Chris will propose doing an interview for the documentary but, as it would be expected, many of them reject this extravagant invitation during the telephone conversation. Finally, he succeeds in getting some of them to agree. Meanwhile, Chris’s disjointed life includes Viagra blisters and S&M sessions with a dominatrix, among other domestic remedies for heartache

Director bio

Chris Waitt would have liked to be a rock star but he had to settle for a filmmaker. His television credits include MTV shows such as the puppet series Fur TV, and he has directed short films such as Dupe (which received the BAFTA to the best short film of 2005) and Heavy Metal Jr, screened in Gijón 2006. His production work has touched upon such diverse subjects as surfing and soft-core porn. He has also worked writing greeting card texts for two years