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Construcción de una ciudad

Construcción de una ciudad
International title Construcción de una ciudad
Country Argentina
Year 2007
Running time 95
Director Néstor Frenkel
Screenplay Néstor Frenkel
Film Editing Néstor Frenkel
Photography Diego Poleri
Music Javier Ntaca

Néstor Frenkel y Sofía Mora

Distribution Company

Néstor Frenkel y Sofía Mora


In the late Seventies, the Argentine town of Federación was flooded by the Salto Grande dam, which was built so as to generate electricity at a huge power station. The residents’ land and homes were expropriated and they were relocated. Their lifestyle vanishes as they struggle to adjust to their new homes, so similar all of them to each other. However, as they say, “What water took, water gave away”: thousands of tourists now come to Federación to visit the thermal waters discovered in the Nineties

Director bio

Néstor Frenkel was born in Buenos Aires in 1967. A sound engineer since 1993, he directed and produced a series of animation short films entitled Marcello G., sólo un hombre… in 1999, and later did the animation medium-length film Plata Segura. In 2005 he did both his first feature, Vida en Marte, and his first documentary, Buscando a Reynols. He finished his documentary film Construcción de una ciudad in late 2007. He is currently producing Sofía Mora’s feature La hora de la siesta and co-manages the VamosViendo Cine production company, specializing in independent projects