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City of men

Cidade dos homens
International title City of Men
Country Brasil
Year 2007
Running time 102
Director Paulo Morelli
Screenplay Paulo Morelli, Elena Soárez
Film Editing Daniel Rezende
Photography Adriano Goldman
Music Antonio Pinto
Web site

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Distribution Company

 Lumina Films



Acerola and Laranjinha, both about to turn eighteen, live in Morro da Sinuca, a Rio de Janeiro slum ruled by law of the drug dealers and where the only prospects are poverty and alienation. Laranjinha has never met his father, and his friend decides to help him find him. Meanwhile, Acerola must manage to take care of his baby, under his care while the mother is trying to look for a better future for them. The two youngsters will get involved in an incident of gang violence that will put their friendship to a test and decide their fates.

Director bio

Paulo Morelli was born in São Paulo in 1956. He studied architecture and began his work in the audiovisual field in the eighties. His short film Tombstone (1997) received awards at the festivals of São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Havana. His first feature film, O preço da paz (1999), received the audience award at the Gramado Festival. His second feature film, Viva Voz (2003), achieved the international award at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. He joined the Cidade dos Homens television project for its second season. He directed the third season and, at its conclusion, he began the film adaptation of the series.