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Dunya & Desie

Dunya & Desie
International title Dunya & Desie
Country Holanda
Year 2007
Running time 98
Director Dana Nechushtan
Screenplay Robert Alberdingk Thijm
Film Editing J.P Luijsterburg
Photography Bert Pot
Music Steve Willaert
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Lemming Film


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Dunya and Desie both live in Holland but they belong to two different cultures. Dunya belongs to a Moroccan family that does not appreciate her friendship with Desie, a Dutch girl with an all-too-liberal attitude. The two girls will have to face up to two events about to affect their lives forever. Dunya must go to Morocco. Her parents have decided that she will marry a distant cousin. Desie discovers she is pregnant and must make a decision. In the meantime, she travels to Africa to meet her friend. The journey will help clarify her future.

Director bio

Dana Nechushtan was born in Israel in 1970. She graduated from the Dutch Film and Tlevision Academy in 1994. After a number of television projects, her film debut is Ivoren Wachters (1998). She has gone back and forth between film and television, where she directed several seasons of the series Dunya & Desie. The translation of the characters of this television drama to the big screen is her latest film project in 2008.