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Kung-fu kid

Kung-fu kid
International title Kung Fu Kid
Country Japón
Year 2008
Running time 96
Director Issei Oda
Screenplay Akitari Daichi
Photography Sohei Tanigawa
Web site

Sedic International

Distribution Company

Shochiku Co


A young Shaolin monk, trained in the kung fu arts, is ready to face the final combat that will take him into the path of humility. With this end in mind, his master sends him on a fireball to Japan. He lands in Tokyo, at the home of a family who runs a Chinese restaurant. Yet danger is always looming. A terrible plan has been weaved in the education establishment in order to brainwash children and replace videogames and consoles with textbooks. Our young hero has found his mission. The enemy finally has a face. 

Director bio

Issei Oda was born in Nagasaki (Japón) in 1965. He began directing films while at the university. He has designed videogames and directed publicity spots, and was also in charge of the visual effects of the film adaptation of the manga Uzumaki (2000), among others. Arch Angels (2006) was is debut as a feature film director. Kung Fu Kid (2007) is his most recent project.