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Mia and the Migoo
International title Mia and the Migoo
Country Francia
Year 2008
Running time 91
Director Jacques-Rémy Girerd
Screenplay Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Antonie Lanciaux, Iouri Tcherenkov, Benoit Chieux
Film Editing Hervé Guichard
Music Serge Besset
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Distribution Company

Celluloid Dreams


Pedro works in the construction of a tunnel in a natural reserve that will house a luxury hotel and resort. Yet nature seems to refuse to be destroyed and the worker is trapped in a landslide. At this moment Mia, Pedro’s daughter, will undertake a dangerous journey through the forest so as to find her father. Along the way she finds Migoo, a strange creature and the keeper of the sacred tree that protects life on earth. In order to do this, Migoo had no choice but to sabotage the construction of the hotel. Now Mia has a two-fold mission: to save both her father and nature.

Director bio

Jacques-Remy Girerd was born in 1952. He studied at the Lyon School of Fine Arts and has taught at the Grenoble Art School. Together with a grouo of enthusiasts, he founded Folimage Studios in Valence in 1984 which, eventually turned production company as well, is still active today. Since 1988 he has focused in children’s animation films. His short film L’enfant au grelot (1998) was an audience favourite. His first feature film was La prophétie des grenouilles (2003), which received a Special Mentiona at Berlin. Mia and the Migoo is his latest work to date.