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Dead Man's Bluff

Dead Man’s Bluff
International title Zhmurki
Section Aleksey Balabanov - 47 edición
Country Rusia
Year 2005
Running time 111
Director Aleksey Balabanov
Screenplay Aleksey Balabanov, Stas Mokhnachev
Film Editing Tatyana Kuzmichyova
Photography Evgeni Privin
Music Viacheslav Butusov

The CTB Film Company


The film opens with a university professor insisting on the importance (and the difficulty), of raising capital to start up a business. In a satiric key, the film explores the consequences of the fall of communism in Russia at the beginning of the 1990’s, leaving the way open for the mafias to take control of the country. Mr. Mijailovich has two sidekicks, called Sergei and Simon, who move like fish in the water in this scenario. They have no qualms about using firearms whenever the need arises. Nor do they seem overly worried about the consequences of their actions; in fact they find time to chat about the business of daily life and to wonder if they should find more stable employment at some time in the future.