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International title Voyna
Country Rusia
Year 2002
Running time 120
Director Aleksey Balabanov
Screenplay Aleksey Balabanov
Film Editing Marina Lipartiya
Photography Sergei Astakhov
Music Vyacheslav Butusov

The CTB Film Company
Kamennostrovskiy Prospect 10
San Petersburgo 197101


On this occasion, Balabanov sets his fiction in the military conflict between Russian and Chechnya. In the opening of the film, Balbanov portrays the life style in a Chechnya prisoner of war camp in minute detail. In the camp a group of hijackers of various nationalities are condemned to hard labour. They suffer physical and psychological abuse, they are starved, deprived of drinking water, and forced to spend the nights in a damp hole which hardly ever sees the light of day. The film also portrays the complete lack of concern by the international community, whose authorities leave the future of the prisoners in the hands of fate. Paying a ransom for the release of the prisoners is complex due to the bureaucratic and economic problems this option presents. The rescue mission takes on shades of the impossible.