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International title Solino
Country Alemania, Italia
Year 2002
Running time 124
Director Fatih
Screenplay Ruth Toma
Film Editing Andrew Bird
Photography Rainer Klausmann
Music Jannos Eolou

Wüste Filmproduktion
Luetticher Strasse 38
50674 Colonia
T. +49-2 21-5 10 50 67
F. +49-2 21-5 69 14 99
Wüste Film West GmbH

Distribution Company

Bavaria Film International
Bavariafilmplatz, 7
82031 Geiselgasteig
T. +49 89 64 99 26 86
F. +49 89 64 99 37 20
E. international@bavaria


Solino tells the life voyage of an Italian family who leave their village, Solino, in 1964, to immigrate to Germany, where they set up a pizza parlour and nostalgically name it after their home town. Through the eyes of the two sons, Gigi and Giancarlo, and tinged by Gigi’s passion for the cinema, we are witness to their life at the pizzeria, always in the shadow of the original Solino. A conflict between the two brothers and between the mother and the father splits the family in two: half of them stay in Germany and the other half go back to Italy. Through these four characters Fatih Akin paints a fresco showing four different ways of facing emigration, the shaking of the family roots, and its consequences