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Edge of Heaven

Al otro lado
International title Auf der anderen Seite (Edge of heaven)
Country Alemania, Turquía
Year 2007
Running time 122
Director Fatih Akin
Screenplay Fatih Akin
Film Editing Andrew Bird
Photography Rainer Klausmann
Music Shantel

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Nejat does not approve of her widowed father, Alí, taking up with Yeter, who is a prostitute. What Nejat does not know is that Yeter practices the profession in order to finance her daughter’s university studies in Turkey. When she finds out, Nejat travels to Istanbul to find Ayten, the daughter, who is a political activist. However, when she arrives Ayten is no longer there; she has gone to Germany, fleeing from the Turkish police. Meanwhile, in Germany, Ayten is staying with Lotte, a young German woman with whom she develops a rather complex relationship. With Hanna Schygull (one of Fassbinder’s regular actresses) in the role of Lotte, and with the Turkish actor Tunçel Kurtiz (long standing favourite of the Kurd Yilmaz Güney), Edge of Heaven is perhaps Fatih Akin’s most political film. A clear winner at the German Film Awards in 2008, this film also took the Award for Best Screenplay at Cannes and for Best Screenwriter at the European Film Awards.