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International title Eldorado
Section 47 edición - Post Burlesque
Country Bélgica
Year 2008
Running time 80
Director Bouli Lanners
Screenplay Bouli Lanners
Film Editing Ewin Ryckaert
Photography Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd
Music Renaud Mayeur, An Pierle, Koen Gisen
Production Jacques-Henri Bronckart
Cast Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon, Didier Toupy, Franise Chicy
Distribution Company

Films Distribution


When Yvan, a forty-year-old vintage car salesman, discovers that his home has been broken into by Elie, a young man with drug problems, he takes pity on him. Rather than calling in the police or taking justice into his own hands, Yvan decides to take Elie on a trip to his parents’ home on the border between Belgium and France. In a classic Chevy they discover places straight out of an American road movie. On their way, they encounter many highly unusual characters and situations. Their relationship evolves as they are forced to deal with these diverse circumstances together.