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International title Man Tänker Sitt
Section 47 edición - Rellumes
Country Suecia
Year 2009
Running time 77
Director Hemrik Hellström, Frederik Wenzel
Screenplay Hemrik Hellström, Frederik Wenzel
Film Editing Hemrik Hellström, Frederik Wenzel
Photography Frederik Wenzel
Music Erik Enocksson
Production Erika Wasserman
Production design Sandra Wessberg
Cast Sebastián Eklund, Jörgen Svensson, Hannes Sandahl, Marke Kostrzewski, Bodil Wessberg, Silas Franceen
Producer Fasad AB

Sebastian, 11, lives with his mother in a housing development in the suburbs. He kills time, hours on end, in a forest in the area, in the water or in the trees, refusing to behave according to his mother’s wishes. The human fauna which populates the housing development is gradually introduced through Sebastian’s knowledge of them. Mischa, who tries to catch fish in the river, came to work in Sweden 20 years ago and hasn’t left yet. Jimmy, who in spite of having a son (from whom he is inseparable), still lives with his parents and doesn’t have a key to the house. Jimmy’s brother, who has a stable job, has bought a house in the neighbourhood and is constantly pouring money into it. And between the desolation of the row of houses and the supermarket parking lot, life goes on for these beings, with the words of Henry David Thoreau echoing in the voice of Sebastian.

Director bio

Henrik Hellström was born in Falkenberg, Sweden on March 3, 1974. He trained at the Malmö Theater Academy. He works as a screenwriter, film and theater director. Burrowing is his feature film debut.

Fredrik Wenzel was born in Fässberg, Sweden on September 1, 1978. He works as a screenwriter, cameraman and director. Man tänker sitt is his feature film debut.