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The King of Escape

Le roi de l'évasion
International title Le roi de l'évasion
Section 47 edición - Sección Oficial Largometrajes
Country Francia
Year 2009
Running time 97
Director Alain Guiraudie
Screenplay Alain Guiraudie, Laurent Lunetta
Film Editing Bénédicte Brunet, Yann Dedet
Photography Sabine Lancelin
Music Xavier Boussiron
Production Sylvie Pialat
Production design Didier Pons
Cast Ludovic Berthillot (armand Lacourtade), Hafzia Herzi (Curfy), François Clavier (comisario), Pierre Laur (Robert Lapaille), Luc Palun (Durandot), Pascal Aubert (Paul), Bruno Valayer

Les Films du Worso

Distribution Company

Les Films du Losange


Armand Lacourtade’s daily routine seems to him to be a treadmill. He is fed up with his job as an agricultural machinery salesman and, in his 40s, sees time flying by between work, naps and binges. He is unmotivated to the point of being bored by the fact of being a single gay man. One night, while walking down the street, he witnesses a group of young boys attacking a teenage girl, and does not hesitate to take part in her defense. The girl, whose name is Curly, shows Armand her gratitude, and they begin a relationship they are not willing to give up, despite the opposition of friends and acquaintances.

Director bio

Born in 1964 in the small village of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France, Guiraudei became interested in popular culture at an early age, and has written a number of unpublished novels. In 1990 he made his first feature length film, Les Héros sont Immortels, in which he made the first of his periodical appearances as an actor. His medium-length film Ce Vieux Rêve qui Bouge (2001), took the prestigious Jean Vigo prize, as well as a multitude of international awards. It was selected for the Cannes Director’s Fortnight, where Guiraudie participated once more with his feature film Le Roi de L’Evasion.