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Winter House

International title Winter House
Section Llendes / Competición No Ficción
Country Argentina
Year 2010
Format Betacam Digital
Color / B&W Color
Running time 94 min
Original language Español
Director Gonzalo Castro
Screenplay Gonzalo Castro
Film Editing Gonzalo Castro
Photography Gonzalo Castro
Art direction Gonzalo Castro
Production Gonzalo Castro
Cast Mario Bellatin (escritor), Marcela Castañeda (hija), Graciela Goldchluk (editora), Margo Glantz (escritora), Laura Petrecca y Romina Paula (asistentes)
Producer Unacorda
Synopsis In seems as though Invernadero is a documentary on the day-to-day live of South American writer, Mario Bellatín, and the interactions between him and his daughter and assistant. In appearance-- because this is a mechanism set up by Gonzalo Castro: Bellatín, more than being himself, plays himself. However, those thought to be his daughter and assistant are actually not. Within this game of deceptions, Castro captures absolute moments of truth and spontaneity. This is why the film’s title, in addition to making reference to the title of one of fascinating Bellatín’s novels, is an allegory of the experiment herein proposed: constructing a closed and artificial environment in which to place some specimens (in this case, humans, not plants) to observe how they develop.
Director bio Writer and filmmaker, Gonzalo Castro was born in Buenos Aires in 1972. He has published several books and directed two fiction feature films. Invernadero won Best Argentinean Film at BAFICI 2010. It is his first documentary feature film.